My Take on the Seahawks/Bears Game

Hawk on Hawk Action

September 19, 2018

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Hey 12s.

Yet again, I find myself here trying to piece together a "rah rah" blog to inspire hope within the Seahawks fanbase, and honestly, this game left a lot to be desired. Now, if you recall, I said to be patient. This team still has a lot of growing to do, and they still need to establish their chemistry, or change it all together. So we're still in that transition period. Regardless, let's break down the teams.



Well here we are again. An offense that can't quite seem to get the ball down field. Now, before we put Ifedi on the chopping block....again, he was going toe to toe with one of the most dangerous pass-rushers in the game, play after play. He's not the best we've seen, but comparatively, he did a decent job on monday. I also found myself frustrated with the talking heads, giving Russ a pass saying that he "feels all alone out there". I'm sorry, he's not alone. There's a fleet of talent as his disposal and he can't get out of his own way, our corps can do a better job of getting open and the o-line needs to do better for Carson, but Russell has tools, don't give the man a pass for holding on to the ball too long and poor passes, he, like everyone else on monday, didn't accomplish his mission. So the offense as a whole, needs to come together, stop being all-stars, and start being a team.

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Not bad this week, and can we all give a big hand to my man Shaquille Griffin! Outstanding job brother! That being said, we're still sloppy in the beginning of the game. They always lock it down after halftime as per usual, but we still need to do a better job of figuring out our assignments before they get too far out of reach. The Bears offense had too easy of a time moving the ball downfield, especially on 3rd down. We can't stop and we can't lay back, on anyone in this league. We as fans also need to throw away that "Leigon of Boom" expectation of the defense. All but 3 of the original members have left, as well as the defensive coach that put them together. We may never see that level of talent again. Let this defense become their own legacy. Overall, I liked the defense, they did their job keeping the Bears at bay as best as they could

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Special Teams

VAST improvement from last week. Not Dickson, he's a friggin sniper out there, but Janikowski came through with flying colors. Excellent job brother. Keep earning that spot.

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I know that it hurts seeing this team go from the freight train of yesteryear to the pushovers that they are. But I promise you, there's potential here. Stay patient, stay loyal, and we will raise the Lombardi somewhere in the future. Hang in there gang, we've got the home opener this week! Hosting Dallas.....yaaaaaay. Put your shoulders to the wind 12s, let's prove those "true fans" wrong and stand behind our boys! With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!