Hawk on Hawk Action - Negotiation Day

Teams can now meet and negotiate with Free Agents

March 11, 2019

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What's happenin 12s!

It's that wonderful wonderful time of year once again where teams get to meet with the agents of the Unrestricted Free Agents on the market and we see what kind of new talents and chemistries get put together. Now, the usual MO for Pete and John is to put together a fairly young team full of hungry rookies and train them up with one or two veterans to groom them into phenomenal players that they will eventually trade off to be assets to another team, BUT! That doesn't mean that your boy can't dream a little bit. Looking down the list of the Top 50 UFAs in the league, I saw a few opportunities that I would LOVE to put on the team and see how it would shake up. Here's my Top 5:


#5 Cole Beasley - WR Dallas

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We play these guys what seems to be every year, and each time we play against them Beasley is one hell of a pain in the ass. My Dad and I have a saying for Wide Receivers like Beasley, we call him "rogue white guy". We don't know how, we don't know why, but he finds a way to get out and in the open and he has a set of hands that don't fail. He reminds me a lot of the legendary Steve Largent. There's almost zero chance that he would meet and join the organization both on his, and our part. He's too old, and would require too hefty of a paycheck for us to secure him, but I think a third weapon for Russ to pass to would make us a deadly deadly force.

#4 Nick Foles - QB Philadelphia

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Don't hate me 12s. I've been critical of our fair-haired child for the past couple seasons now. While he is getting better, he could use a little competition and that would come in the form of Nick Foles. I'm amazed that he stayed with Philly this long. The man stepped in when their savior Carson Wentz went down, took them through the toughest part of the season to take them to the Super Bowl against the toughest dynasty in the history of the game and beat 'em. What did the Eagles do to show their support and thanks for such a phenom? They benched his ass and celebrated the return of their beloved Wentz, only to have the same situation happen again. Now, Foles is NOT going to take a 2nd string spot again, but putting him in the lineup and actually making Wilson fight for a job may be the kick in the ass our quarterback needs to make the passes and second efforts that we're missing. Or, we get another Super Bowl winning quarterback at the helm.

#3 Ha Ha Clinton-Dix - SS Washington

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Who the hell doesn't want this guy on their team? Don't act like you haven't giggled each time Joe Buck said his name during the game. But in all seriousness, We haven't really found our replacement for Kam Chancellor. Now, he left some massive shoes to fill, so we need to bring our expectations down just a tad, but we also need some talent in there. I think Clinton-Dix is looking for his next long-term team, and we could be that team. I think him in our secondary could bring this defense back to it's former glory. Likelyhood? Not terribly strong, but a man can dream.

#2 Sheldon Richardson DT Minnesota

I hate hate HATE that we traded Sheldon last year. That man was devastating the year that he played for us and it was a shame to lose him. I don't know if he has any interest in coming back to play for us. But I think it would be a wise investment. We've already got some good talent on that line, but having him in there to beef it up even more would be so much fun to watch. Whoever picks him up better have a good pass-defense, because he's not letting anything through.

#1 Golden Tate - WR Philadelphia 

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What can I say? I'm a sucker for nostalgia and living in the past. Golden left our organization after taking us to the only SB victory we ever had and continued to show that he was worth a hefty paycheck while in Detroit. Unfortunately, he never got another opportunity to play in the big game, and I think his talents were wasted in Philly (I think that whole organization is screwed). I don't buy into all the rumors that we heard about him and Russell's wife, I think it was drama that was spread falsley. I truly believe that he had the same chemistry with Russ that Doug Baldwin has with him and I think it would be like riding a bike if he were to come back.


Again, the chances of us obtaining or even entertaining the idea of grabbing any of these players is slim, but that's part of the fun. The "What-if"s of this time of year. Keep those ears to the ground and watch for those updates 12s, and we'll see how we fair before the draft. With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!