No Mercy From Seattle

Hawk on Hawk Action

December 3, 2018

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What's up 12s!


I love it when my boys beat my expectations! Let me just give you a little rewind to my predictions for the game against the Niners. I predicted a game that was too close for comfort, but an overall win. Our boys have a knack for pulling back in games that are seen as a sure win in an attempt to prepare for the upcoming challenge in the following week (i.e. MNF against the Vikings and then hosting the Chiefs). But lo and behold the Hawks did what I wanted instead of what I thought and completely DOMINATED the Niners. Another refresher: Total league domination, no mercy, no prisoners. Let's break it down.


What I saw this week was an offense that came to the plate when it counted, but had some issues when the field looked a little long. It seemed to me that the ball needed to start no further back than the Niners 40 for Russ and the boys to be able to punch it in, any further back and they just didn't seem to have the fight necessary to push all the way down. Now, this could be indicative of what I mentioned earlier, that they don't want to exhaust themselves in what should be a sure win, and I hope that it's the case, because it's a little concerning. Now that the negative is over, I want to give our boys proper praise for looking more and more like the steamroller that they were in years past. When they had their head in it, they were clicking like I love to see. Carson is an absolute stud in the ground game and Penny is looking more and more like a dominant runner. The two are becoming a star-studded running combo that will continue to bring in the secondary. Which brings me to our receiving corps. Baldwin is looking more and more like his old self which makes me a very happy man, ESPECIALLY when he punks Sherman like he did. Poetry in motion. On top of that, the continued spectacle that is Tyler Lockett always impresses during the game (even if he does get away with a little push off early in the game for a TD) and the growth of men like Moore and Brown are putting together quite the menace of an Offense. An overall A for the offense this week.

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This week was one for Ken Norton's defense let me tell ya! What a display! I don't care how low the Niners are ranked. I don't care how many injuries they've faced throughout this season. What the Seahawks defense did to the Niners this week was biblical! They were hungry, they were dominant, and they were merciless. Bobby Wagner was, without a doubt, the all star for that game. He knows this team, he maintains his disdain for this team, and he invoked his wrath upon it! The line was unstoppable, the backs were inescapable, and the secondary was not applicable. What a fun game to watch for our defense. THAT was what I wanted to see all season long, A+ gang!

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Special Teams

The ONLY blemish on this game. Everyone, with me, raise your fists in bold anger and cry to the heavens "SEABAAAAAAASS!" 2 missed extra points?!?! The man saved the day last week and showed exactly why I was sweating bullets the entire time. Luckily, it was in a game of no consequence, but I couldn't help but just sit there and shake my head, I just don't get it gang. BUT! He's not the only member of the special teams! Let's not forget Thorpe with that ​BEAUTIFUL slid to grab a bobbled kickoff grab, not to mention Tyler Lockett with a fantastic run back to the 20. I know he wanted it all, and I thought he was going to get it, but it was an impressive run.

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We can attribute some of our fortune to some questionable calls made by the refs. I don't believe that Bobby made a fumble recovery in the first half, and I also think they blew a push off for a TD pass to Lockett. We didn't win because of them, but they had a hand in the victory we celebrated, if we're going to blame them week in and week out, we might as well be consistent even when it goes in our favor. Regardless, a win for us and losses by both Minnesota and Carolina puts us in even better position to see the playoffs! We're coming to the close of the season and so far our boys have played right into what I thought we would see, they're showing improvement as the season goes on instead of fatigue. These boys are hungry and want some rings to show it. I don't know that we'll see the Super Bowl, but they want to make a statement this year, and they're doing a damned fine job of it. It's Monday Night Football next week while we host the Vikings! Hang tough gang, we know them and their plan, they're foreign to this team's. Wave those flags and cheer loud, the boys need us! With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!