Not All Good, But Certainly Not All Bad

Hawk on Hawk Action

September 10, 2018

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What's up 12s!


Well.....that was interesting. In all seriousness, I'm disappointed that we haven't marked a W yet this season, but there's some positives hiding in the negatives here. Let's break it down.



I said, I told you all in the preseason, that Fluker was the linchpin of this offensive line. Yes, Ifedi caused some issues in the game, but as long as he has Fluker protecting his left, he holds up his end. That being said, the offensive line held better than they have in past years, but it was still not ideal for what we request of Wilson and the running corps. Keeping on the Wilson subject, he didn't seem all there in this game. I don't know if it was the news that broke about him over the weekend, or if he was just rusty, but it feels like it's difficult for Wilson to keep his head in the game when something weighs on his mind. Other than that, Carson looked stellar, Will Freakin Dissley! Putting up spectacular numbers especially for an NFL rookie, keep an eye on him throughout the year, and I gladly welcome Brandon Marshall to Seattle. Our tools are working, we just need to get the foundation together

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Oh boy....While our boys made 3 picks in the game yesterday (Welcome back ET3!), it still felt like our defense couldn't quite do more than the 11th hour saves to hold off the Broncos offense. They looked decent, but they also looked disorganized in my opinion. They weren't clicking like the defense that we know and love. I was a little stunned with Shaqueem Griffin's performance, but I have a good feeling that he'll bounce back, but they just seemed to have our defense figured out throughout the game. It got monumentally better after the half, as they always do, but still had something missing. I have faith that it will continue to get better throughout the season, but it was a little lackluster this week.

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Special Teams

Not going to address the 2 missed kicks in the game, despite the fact that we were beat by a mere 3 points......ahem. But the run backs looked good, and Dickson performed just as expected. Juuuuust gotta make sure the ball makes it between the uprights. We REALLY don't want another Walsh incident.

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Overall, I expected this. This is a green team that is making contact with NFL quality for the first time. There's holes in our game, but a lot of potential. My advice for all the 12s out there, be patient. We have a good crew here that can get the job done, and a staff that can give them the keys to be destructive. Hang in there, around week 5 we're going to see a noticeable upswing in their ability. Give them time to knock the starstruck out of their eyes and go back to doing what they know how to be great at.​ We're prime time for week 2. Monday Night Football in Chicago! After the way they handled Green Bay this week, I don't care if they still lost, they handled Green Bay, I would expect another fight. Our boys always do well at a prime time game, but I get the feeling this is going to be a highlight reel game for the boys. Stay strong 12s! We're going to be ok. With that.....Mike Hawk is OUT!