One More Round!

Hawk on Hawk Action: SEA @ OAK Preview

August 31, 2017

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Hey 12s!


It's that time! Time for the final week of preseason for our boys to show what they're made of! This week we'll be in Oakland taking on the Raiders! Now, the Raiders haven't been doing too well in this preseason, but make no mistake, these guys are going to be a true threat during the regular season. Derek Carr is a better quarterback than people give him credit for , and with Marshawn Lynch in his back field, and Michael Crabtree going out for passes, these guys have plenty of tools at their disposal.

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That being said, I'm not worried. They're going to be a force, the Seahawks are a stronger one! They show progress each and every week and they just seem to be getting stronger and stronger. I mentioned Marshawn Lynch as a weapon for Oakland, but he hasn't been a big threat in the NFL since 2014. With all the injuries that he's been suffering from lately, he doesn't have the same dynamic style that he once had with us. I love the guy, but he's not the best in the NFL anymore. Our defense has been getting stronger on the front line and they've played against him for years. They know how to stuff a run game. 


As for Crabtree, well, we've seen how the Crabtree-Sherman matchup ends. *cough* Sherman-tip *cough* (Sorry niner fans). I forsee this game going very well in the Seahawks favor, we're going to see the Hawks back in their former glory and getting good and ready for the season to begin with a 24-17 victory. So get to the TV early, or DVR it like me, grab a beer and cheer loud! One more warm up round 12s! Go Hawks!

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With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!