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Mike Hawk's Fired Up

May 11, 2020

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Hola 12s!

Last week, after a rousing 3 hour special, the NFL released the complete schedule for the league, should the season actually happen. Many tried to get their opinions on the schedule out as quickly as possible, but I took my time with this one and I think there's a big misconception. I've heard over and over again that our boys are getting hammered too hard, too early this season and I've got to say that I disagree. Looking at the schedule that we have, our biggest competition is, once again, our own division.


The first quarter of the season definitely sees some contenders to make a splash early on in the season, but where it gets difficult, we have advantage. We start the season on the road in Atlanta, playing a team that has lost its way since losing hard in the Super Bowl, and never quite getting their feet underneath them, followed by our home opener against the new-found Patriots looking to show they don't need Brady (which they probably do). Wrapping up with the Cowboys at home and going into Miami to take on the Dolphins. I don't see these games being too big of spectacles to watch, and I would be surprised if we didn't AT LEAST come out even at 2-2 when it's all done, but I predict a 4-1 record.


Wrapping up the first half, we host the Vikings, which is always a fun matchup, followed by going into Arizona. Unless the Cardinals made a drastic change in the offseason, they'll be staring at exhaust pipes all year long, especially when we face them after a bye week. Then comes our first real test, Niners here at home. I doubt they let history repeat itself and fade into obscurity in the season following a Super Bowl loss. They're going to be looking to make an even bigger mark and know that we're a thorn in their side. Seeing as we tend to trade wins, I'd say we walk away from this one on top. Finishing with the Bills who have shown themselves to be sneaky winners if taken lightly. Given the advanatages that we'll have in this portion of the schedule, I'd be hard pressed to not see us go 6-3 by the time this portion of the season is over.

WEEKS 10-13

I foresee 1 hard game in this portion, and it kicks it off, taking on the Rams in LA. They're on the downhill of their little tear, but if there's a team that they beat all season, it's us, that's going to be a bear. Hosting the Cardinals is going to be an unnecessarily close game, but we'll win. Going into Philly wont be much of a challenge because we're going to be taking on their backup QB after Wentz goes down injured AGAIN. And then wrapping with the Giants...nuff said. I say we're a slick 9-4 by this time.

WEEKS 14-17

One thing that is known about our boys is that we always pull out the stops late in the season. We'll be sniffing the post-season once again and will be giving it all. We've got a pair of run-up games against that Jets and the Redskins which will be, again, closer than they need to be, but wins. Then we wrap with probably the 2 hardest games of the season. Hosting the Rams, and ending in SF against the Niners, all 3 making the final push for the post season. Hard to not see a 2-2 record coming out of this portion, putting us at a final 11-6 record for the season.

People say that we've got a really difficult season ahead of us, and they're not totally wrong, but none of the teams on this schedule are unbeatable for our boys. We've got young talent hitting their stride, a change in strategy by Pete and John and the coaching staff, and a team that wants back in the show. If my prediction is correct, we'll have a team that's only got 1 goal in sight, Tampa, Florida in February. Hang tough and prepare for the season to (hopefully) begin! 18 WEEKS TO GO! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!