Out of the Gate

Hawk on Hawk Action: Week 1 Review

September 9, 2019

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Hola 12s!

Well, we're off and running! Kinda. If you're like me, you enjoyed the W this past weekend, but you know that it's not quite the doorbuster that we were looking for. I think there's a couple factors that play into this, but for now, let's run down the basics

Offense - C+

Giving the offense a C+ this week because of a couple of things. If the rest of the season looks like this first week, then we as fans will be screaming about that O-line for another entire season. Russell getting sacked on back-to-back plays on multiple occassions was not exactly what I would call a good showing. A team that ranked 14th overall in defense after the preseason should not have handled us as easily as they did this weekend. Blame Ifedi, blame rust, blame whatever you want, something on our line needs to get fixed and quick, because if you don't think teams area going to see that and exploit it from week to week, you're nuts. Now then, the reason why our offense didn't get an overall failing grade is because they showed that they have a lot of potential to be quite a terror this year. They knew that we'd rely on the run game, but the passing game looked good out there, when Russ was given the chance. Great plays made by Lockett, Metcalf, and Dissley turned this game from a beating, to winable.


Defense - B-

For years, while our offense was doing everything in their power to just be contenders, our defense was there to lean on. The same could not be said with such gusto for the game this week. One of the main issues of this game, that I will likely say 100 times, is that when 1 side of the ball looked great, the other side slipped. The offense would make a monster drive and get the TD, and then the defense would get blown apart and allow a touchdown in 5 plays. Then the defense would take the ball back in great position, and the offense goes 3 and out in embarrassing fashion. The reason why the defense still grades in the positive, is that line. Between Quinton Jefferson and Jadeveon Clowney, that defensive line was eating Andy Dalton for lunch. The run game got stuffed regular and often, and the passing game was rushed if not crushed all together. Great showing by that crew!


Final Thoughts

Like I said, it wasn't the best showing that we've had, but it certainly wasn't the worst. One thing that we do know to be true about our organization is that when it comes to cleaning up edges, they're one of the best. I have no doubts that Pete is going to take our boys into the film room and go over each and every play and we'll see an entirely new team next week. They also have a knack for playing to the ability of whatever team they face. They can look average as mud playing a bottom 10 team, and turn around and go toe-to-toe with Top 5 teams. Let's take our win for this week and see what next Sunday has in store. With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!