The Pains of A 53 Man Roster

Hawk on Hawk Action

September 4, 2017

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What's up 12s! 

That day is upon us! The season opener of the 2017 season! It's been a great preseason, and we've seen a lot of heart out on the gridiron, but I'm glad that it's finally time to see what this super-team can do! That being said, the hardest part of the preseason is past us. The completion of the 53-man roster. 


Now, anybody that is reading this particular blog probably already saw the list of cuts, and most likely had that same thought: "What is Carol doing??". This is the last time before the season begins that fans question the coach's decision. The final cuts always sting the most, they are reducing a team of many great players, into a team of elites. As they say "you've got to cut fat until you hit meat, and sometimes you have to cut into the meat". Some of the more painful cuts that were made, in my opinion, were Treyvon Boykin, Kasen Williams, Kenny Lawler, and Cassius Marsh. I know Marsh was traded, but the point is, he's no longer on our team. 


I know a lot of people come to the defense of Austin Davis when Boykin is mentioned, mostly because he looked pretty sloppy in this preseason. He threw a ton of interceptions and just wasn't performing like he used to. It doesn't change the fact that he was a damn fine backup to Wilson in the years that he was with us. You could see where he learned from Wilson and how he developed. Mark my words, we will see him starting for a team soon.

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Kasen Williams is probably the biggest shocker of the day. He was putting up great numbers and fantastic receptions that made people ask "What does he have to do to get a job??" The fact is, we've got a ton of excellent receivers. Baldwin, Richardson, Lockett(when he's healed), McEvoy, Graham, Willson, and Vannett. While Williams and Lawler would have made a great additions, they would've been expensive bench warmers to all the other talent that we have.

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The final cuts and trades hurt the most because there's really no bad players that are leaving the team. But it's our responsibility as fans to trust in our coach to lead our team to victory. We said the same thing about trading Golden Tate and Percy Harvin, but they turned out to be good decisions in the long run. You've stuck with him thus far, let's keep up the loyalty and understand that we know less than we think we do. We're going into Green Bay on Sunday y'all. They'll need some backup from the 12!


With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!