A Recap of the Seahawks Silencing the Chiefs

Hawk on Hawk Action: End Preseason Week 3

August 28, 2017

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

​What uuuuuuuup 12s!


So glad to say that there is yet another W  on the scoreboard for the Seahawks this preseason! Again, it's just the preseason, but I love love love love what I am seeing!I was completely off that Tobin would be one of our starters on the line, Odhiambo was the man that stepped up in Fat's place and he performed beautifully! Russ did get sacked once, but I saw plenty of time for him to pick his targets and to execute his passes well. 

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Another all-star for me is yet again Chris Carson. He had 8 carries and 46 yards on the board, which isn't stellar, but I saw a lot of heart and ability to improve in that man and am really excited to see how he works this season if we do manage to watch him play. 

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Eddie Lacy made another short-lived appearance this game, but he did manage to power through the defense like we hoped he would, and we also saw some appearances from some household names like Jermaine Kerse, Jimmy Graham, and my boy Doug Baldwin making some pro catches. And even a big touchedown for Tanner McEvoy who has shown some real promise this season and last, and who is my pick for MVP of this last game


All in all, very happy with how the boys are looking this season, they are going to be a true contender if this momentum keeps going! Thursday is the day for football this week! All final preseason games will be held Thursday and our boys are in Oakland to test the metal against the Raiders! Keep showing the spirit and stay loud 12s!


With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!