(VIDEO) Player Spotlight: RB Travis Homer

Hawk on Hawk Action

July 19, 2019

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Hola 12s!

The season is fast approaching and Training Camps are just around the corner! We're lucky enough to have our newly drafted Running Back Travis Homer on the latest edition of Driving with Gee and we get a little behind the scenes look at our new ball carrier, covering all topics from what he would be doing if it weren't for football, all the way to his favorite TV show and other activities (Turns out he's a bit of a nerd, we. are. EVERYWHERE)

Seems like a good, down to earth guy that's hungry to make this organization even more bigger than it already is. For those that need it, here's a little refresher on some of the runs our new man has made.

As we can see with these highlights, he's got that tough, "beast" type running style that Caroll likes to utilize. My personal favorites are the 2 back-to-back clips that start at 2:17. It's a very "Beast Mode"-esk run in the first, and I love the standup tackle-break in the next clip. Coming to the NFL is a whole different gear, but I think with the proper training, we could see this young man take our organization far. 


We're officially 3 WEEKS AWAY from our first preseason game where we'll see a lot of this new talent on display and I gotta tell ya gang, I'm foaming at the mouth for a little Seahawks Football. Hang with me, this may be another year for the books! But with that....Mike Hawk is OUT!