Draft Picks Highlights Pt.1

Hawk on Hawk Action

April 29, 2019

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

What's up 12s!


Congratulations! We've made it to the end of the draft! And boy oh boy did we make out like bandits! Originally stepping into draft day with 4 picks, John and Pete were wheeling and dealing like they do and managed to walk away with an amazing 11 picks out of the draft. Now, before you all puff your chests and nag em for not grabbing a ton of offensive linemen or getting so many picks at the end of the draft, this is how Pete put together the monumental team that he did all those years ago. He works best with a young, hungry crowd, and he knows how to find the talent in overlooked players. But, enough about that, let's showcase these guys and get a look at the new blood. Here's 1-4


1st Pick - L.J. Collier DE (TCU)

We just found Frank Clark's replacement. Not without the need for a little Pete Carrol tweaking, and some Ken Norton guidance, Collier could be a potentially dangerous end for our defense. Based on the highlights I've seen, the kid has a lot of power to collapse the pocket, and knows to keep his eyes up and focused on the play that's happening, not the man he's currently facing. I think that's what Pete sees in him and I think our staff can turn Collier into an even more devastating end than we've already seen.

2nd Pick - Marquise Blair S (Utah)

Ladies and Gentlemen, the new Kam Chancellor. Again, he needs some tweaking as all rookies do. Based on this highlight reel, while there are a lot of very significant hits and tackles, I see him over-pursuing on a few occasions, and making some hits that wont fly in the NFL. That being said, with Kam Chancellor still hanging around the Seahawks organization, who better to sculpt a potential enforcer? I see the speed of Earl Thomas partnered with the power of Kam Chancellor that, when harnessed properly, could be one of the most devastating players that we've seen on this team. I see Blair's future going into one of 2 directions. He will either end up like JD McKissic and Christine Michael where he's good on a couple plays, but tends to get punk'd and his feet come out from underneath him more often than not, or he will be a pro safety within his first couple years and we could see his name on the ring of honor in Century Link. I think the boys have struck gold here, we just need to turn it into a gem.

3rd Pick - D.K. Metcalf WR (Ole Miss)

The pick heard throughout Seattle, D.K. is coming to the CLink! Everybody can breathe a sigh of relief, our boys came through and locked him down. Unfortunately for me, this is another sign of a time that I didn't want to come, but I believe my boy Doug Baldwin may be hanging it up with this pick, at least with the Hawks. Based on what I see here, he's a more than qualified replacement for Baldwin. He's got great legs, a long stride, good hands and can launch himself into the air. I think he's open to changing up his style, I think he's humble and he'll be a great addition to the offense.

4th Pick - Cody Barton LB (Utah)

The one that started the "Two Utes" puns. This is the first pick that we've seen that's really going to have to fight for a position. Cody is joining the ranks of Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, Mychal Kendricks, Barkevious Mingo, Austin Calitro, Shaquem Griffin and a handful of others. One position that the Seahawks have a stockpile of, is Linebackers. Now, this may seem like an interesting pick, but I think Pete and John have something up their sleeves for Mr. Barton. I think with a competitive edge, we'll see a hunger and a drive inside of Cody that may in fact put two utes out on the field for the Hawks. I'm interested to see how he plays in the opening games.


The first few are always the most explosive, but I'm sure as I work my way down the line of all 11, we'll find a couple hidden gems that Pete kept under his hat. Still, got to love a fresh batch of players on the team. We'll break down a few others next week, but for now, with that...Mike Hawk is OUT!