Analyzing the Seahawks Schedule

Hawk on Hawk Action

April 22, 2019

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Hola 12s!


Well, we got the draft fast approaching and rumors going round and round and I've got to ask, am I the only one tired of hearing about so-and-so's mock draft? I mean at the end of the day, it's all just a theory and a strategy designed by someone that has studied the game and patterns of other people, but none of them have any actual insider knowledge as to what these coaches and managers are talking about. "Frank Clark might be traded to another team for better position.." "we think the Seahawks will draft this guy because it's what makes the most sense for their positioning..." It's all just guesses, it's all just gut feeling.....Anyway, the Seahawks schedule dropped last week so.....Here's my gut feeling on the Seahawks schedule this year. Let's break it down.


Weeks 1-5

I gotta tell ya gang our boys have their work cut out for em this season. Just going over the schedule, they'll be climbing uphill for the better part of the season. We kick off at home (luckily) against the Bengals (not so lucky). I know they're not the toughest team, but not exactly the team that I would want to kick off the season with. They're good enough to make it to the playoffs but not much further. Then we bounce to Pittsburgh and back home to host the Saints for a 2 week 1-2 punch. I'm not saying that we can't take these guys, but they're far from soft. Our ability to stuff the run will give us a leg up against the Steelers, but Drew and the Saints are coming off a heartbreaker of a season and may be looking for blood this time around. Then we have a divisional double whammy, with the Cardinals and a home game against the Rams. 2 guesses as to which of these 2 I'm worried about. We went 0-2 against the Rams last season with a couple near-misses and they got a little stronger this season. But maybe they'll chuck Suh (cuz he's an animal and doesn't play nice with others) and that might give us the edge that we need. Overall, realistically speaking, I wouldn't be surprised to finish week 5 against the Rams touting an optimistic 3-2 record.

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Weeks 6-10

We'll go into week 6 taking the Browns on their own turf, a team that made some sizable improvements over the past 2 seasons and is grooming themselves to do even better this season, I pray our boys don't fall asleep on them. Then a rough couple weeks hosting the Ravens and going into Atlanta to take on the Falcons. I hear Baltimore has a new safety that's one of the best which will make their pain in the ass of a defense even more difficult, but I expect that one to be a defensive battle. And as we experience year after year, the Falcons are one tough ass team, pardon my French. It seems like every time we go head to head with em, we walk away a little bloodier than we initially intended. Then we come on back home to host the Bucs as we lick our wounds and then make our way down to Levi to take on the Niners. This is going to be about as much of a reprieve as we're going to see before the season gets too far away from us. But as I've said before, you think a team is weak just a little bit, and they'll drag you all over the field. I think if our boys want it, we can walk out of Week 10 with a 7-3, I got a feeling that 6-4 is more likely though.

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Weeks 11-17

Gotta love when we get a Bye before going into Philly. The advantage that we'll have there is that it's a primetime game and this is a different team when the lights go on, but being in enemy territory may take more of a toll. Then we got the Vikings again this season followed by the Rams one more time, and then we go into Carolina. Save for the Rams, this may be another point in the season where we see a little bit of an uphill swing with our boys. Both the Vikings and the Panters haven't changed their formulas too much which may play to our advantage. I feel like when we see those guys it's always a fight, but one that we tend to walk out on top of. And then we wrap the season with a 1-2 divisional punch of hosting both the Cards and the Niners. Both of which, barring catastrophic injury, should be winnable games, and by that point, I would expect us to once again be locked into the post-season, hopefully, back on top as division leaders. That's my main goal and win for this season.

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Like I said gang, we've got our work cut out for us this year. It's going to be rough, we're going to have to hang with our crew, grit our teeth through a lot and shake our heads at a couple near misses. But I don't see any un-climbable hills for our guys. They're a young team of hungry athletes that want to make their mark and if there's a coach in the league that knows how to fire that crew up, it's Pete Carroll. Hang in there! We've got a season full of action-packed football on the horizon!! The draft is this week so grab the snacks and beer and let's find our new talent! With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!