Setting the Pace!

Hawk on Hawk Action

August 13, 2018

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What's up 12s!!


What a Thursday we had last week! I no more than start the live video for the show, and Miles comes in and offers me a pair of tickets to the first preseason game of the year! Which of course I couldn't say no to. So I made my way down after the show, bought myself a nice cold beer, took my seats and breathed a deep sigh of relief that it was that beautiful time of year once again! And what a game the boys gave us to watch! I got to say, I'm very pleased with the performance that WE put on, and I think it speaks volumes about what's to come. Let's jump right in!



As a Seahawk fan, the offense has been our biggest nightmare for the past couple years. Plagued with 3 and outs, sacks, interceptions, and penalties like they're going out of style, we've been struggling for quite a while on the offensive end, well I'm glad to say that there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel! I was very pleased with what I saw on Thursday, especially on that opening drive. Blame it on preseason if you like, but that offensive line was preeeeeeetty Thursday night. Wilson could sit back in that pocket and find his man, the guys were finding ways to get open, and Russ was completing passes. Huge props to Vannett who showed himself to be that utility TE that we've been looking for since Miller, and to Penny for throwing a stellar block to give Russell a little more time to find Vannett in the endzone. The run game looked explosive, the passing game was connecting, this offense is just getting started kids!

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While the Legion of Boom may be all but dissolved, it is quickly being replaced by the newest generation of the notorious Seattle Defense. Continuing its reign as the immovable object of the NFL, We have a fresh defensive front that looks to take the place of the tag team that was Bennett/Avril. With both Clark and Jordan working the outside and Reed and Stephen stuffing the inside, That defensive line will prove to be a sonofabitch to quarterbacks and whatever run game they try to get moving. On top of all that, our defensive backfield shined quite a bit on Thursday as well, with Shaquem Griffin stealing the show out on his first day as an NFL player. With a few tweaks, I think that backfield could be just as untouchable as it once was. 

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So far I'm liking this new team that Carol and Schneider have fashioned, but we know that we're going to have to drop some bodies before we can get a solid team. That'​s where the next week comes into play. We'll be in LA taking on the Chargers next week, showcasing a whole lot of talent with something to prove. This is when we start seeing how deep the love of the game goes for some of these young players, keep your eyes out for your favorite prospects! With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!