Stuffing the Rams

Hawk on Hawk Action

October 10, 2017

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Holy cow 12s!


That game was CLOSE! Let's get right into the Good Bad and Big Picture of this one


The Good is yet again that defense the Seahawks have. Turnover after turnover after turnover absolutely devastated the Rams all day long. I wasn't able to watch because I was in a car all day, but I caught it on the radio and was pleasantly happy with how the defense performed that day. 

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The Bad is yet again the Seahawks offense, mainly the O-line again. All those turnovers proved to be downright useless because our offense could put the ball in the endzone. Field goals may put points up, but teams will kill you slowly if you have to rely on your kicker all day

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The Big Picture is that our boys beat the bully of our division. The Rams have always had our number, and beating them in their hometown is not an easy feat. That, and the common Seahawks strategy is showing its face once again. The first half is pretty much forfeit, and they come out stronger in the 2nd half. My pick for MVP this week is no contest, Sheldon Richardson. The man had 2 crucial turnovers in that game and had a hell of a day at work.

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The boys get the next week off so hopefully some of the crew that are hurting can get some time to recover and nurse their injuries back to good health. They've got to get their strength back up to come back and take on the Giants in New York. With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!