That's a Wrap

Hawk on Hawk Action: Season Finale

January 2, 2018

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Well 12s, that's a wrap.


It's been a rough year, but let's break down some of the good and bad and the big picture. 


Let's start with the bad this week, it was an overall rough season. With the injuries, missed opportunities, and all out embarrassing displays, it was far from the best Seahawks we've seen in a while. Losing Sherman and Chancellor hurt, but some of the more significant injuries we're, in my opinion, Cliff Avrill and Mike Davis, and Earl Thomas. We saw a bit of a domino effect with Bennett after Cliff got injured, he didn't get half as many sacks as he has in recent years, and other than the anthem protest and cheap shot on the Jaguars players, he was relatively quiet all season long. Mike Davis showed some serious promise this season at running back, but managed to give himself a limp with a groin and ankle injury through the season, it didn't stop him from making some seriously awesome runs, but it left our running game, once again, at half capacity. And Earl Thomas, while in for most of the season, was sorely missed while he was out. He's undoubtedly the greatest safety in the game and is shows in his absence. Not to mention, one of the worst additions to the roster this season, Blair Walsh. I gave the man a chance in the beginning of the year to prove that he's more than a blown playoff opportunity, and he proved over and over again to be a coin-toss kicker. Hes like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. 

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The good of the season was all of the new talent that was brought to light this season. My favorite player to watch all season long was Shaq Griffin. I think him working side by side with Sherman when he's healthy again will be a pass game's nightmare scenario and I'm rather excited for the two of them to be put to good use next season. I know Frank Clark isn't a new name, but I feel that the Avril absence was his moment to shine and he more than delivered. I think if the Hawks were to pair him with someone that has the same hunger on the other side of the line, we'd get that powerful defensive line back! I put him on the bad side, but he's also on the good list, Mike Davis. I think this kid showed himself better than anyone else on the team this season. Brought up from the practice squad, he showed himself to easily be able to handle the staring running back position. Props to JD McKissic on a good effort, but I think Davis is a fundamentally better runner than he is. 

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The Seahawks are about to go through a massive change that will frustrate and shock fans. I foresee a lot of cuts in the off-season that will make us wonder if we're gonna see the playoffs in the next decade, but the Seahawks are due for a change up. We've got players that are getting older and more fragile, which is the cruel nature of the beast, but it's time for us to start preparing ourselves to take a hard hit losing some players that we love. 


I'll try to keep y'all updated as much as I can and give some insight, but for now, enjoy the playoffs with no pressure for a change, and prepare for an even better season in September. With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!

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