Top 5 Seahawks to Watch in 2018

Hawk on Hawk Action

July 16, 2018

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What's up 12s!


Preseason is fast approaching, and if you're like me, you're foaming at the mouth to finally get back to the greatest sport in the country! With each season that passes, we have players that we're excited to see more of. Sometimes these players meet our expectations, and sometimes they don't really seem to find their stride. Here are my top picks for who will shine brightest this year for the Seahawks.


#5 CJ Prosise

It's been a hard go for Prosise in the past couple years. The man has always showed incredible potential, but he can't seem to stay healthy throughout an entire season. It feels like just as he's starting to get traction, he ends up on the injured list, and that is why I believe he's one to look out for in the coming season. Our offensive line has a lot of young potential married with some veteran players that can help the development, giving Prosise the protection that he needs to be that speed demon that we saw a few years ago. I think if we give him a line that'll blow a hole open for him, instead of requiring him to do it himself, then we will see Prosise making big clutch plays.


#4 Mike Davis

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I know, another running back. But he's on this list for similar reasons. Davis was a complete stunner for me last season. A 3rd string runner coming in and absolutely dominating on the field to become our probable starting running back. The man did suffer an injury last season (Tends to be the curse of Seattle runners. O-line?) which impeded his ability to make an even bigger impact on the season. He had a couple teams looking his direction in the offseason as well, but ultimately stayed with us for another season. I hate the cut-throat, 1 year deal that we kind of flicked his direction, I  think with a little conditioning, Davis is going to come back and be the monster that we've been hoping for. He's hungry, healthy, and strong as an ox. Keep those eyes open.


#3 Doug Baldwin

"But Mike! Doug Baldwin hasn't been in a slump! He was our best receiver last season by far!" Right you are loyal reader! But! his numbers did see a bit of drop. I'm not saying my man had a dud of a season, I'm saying that he is going to have a spectacular season. Last season, Baldwin had a lot of (for lack of a better term) competition out on the field, from people that dropped passes that he could have brought down. On top of that, Wilson was running for his life a lot of the season, which hindered his ability to go to my boy. This season, I expect Wilson to be a lot more comfortable in the pocket, and we will see the Wilson/Baldwin combo in full effect once again. I think you will see #89 in the endzone more than most in 2018.


#2 Russell Wilson

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If you're like me, you've been a little disappointed with the performance of our star quarterback lately. The past 2 seasons he seems to have seen quite a slump in his scramble, and especially his passes. It's felt like he just can't seem to zero in on his target. I blame that 85% on his offensive line. You've heard me screaming about it for 2 years, we. need. an. offensive. line. The man cannot be expected to make those perfect passes like he does in practice, when he has to run for his life all damned season. This year, I think we will see a change. Carol has invested in some blocking TE's and I think that'll bring Wilson's passing game up ever so slightly. As much as we're moving back to our running game routes, I forsee a lot of air miles on the pig skin this season.


#1 Tyler Lockett

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With a lot of the changes that we've had on this team, mainly the cleaning of the house, and the bringing on of young talent and new coaching, I think we're going to see Tyler Lockett shining bright. Teams still have not found a way to stop him completely, and I think the new coaches that are coming in are going to give him a whole new game plan to work with that will make him a pain in the ass to stop once again. That, partnered with the new talent taking away the defensive backfield, I think we'll see Lockett have another stellar season making some clutch plays out there.



 ​Just a few that I hope to see have a comeback year and get us back into the playoffs where we belong. This season could be one to wait and see what we develop, or we'll be that dominating freight train that we remember so fondly. But I'm just an idiot, who do you think is going to make a big impact this year? That's all for this week, I'll get back with more next week. Preseason is just 24 DAYS AWAY PEOPLE! With that.....Mike Hawk is OUT!