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Hawk on Hawk Action

November 26, 2018

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Hola 12s!


Mikey loves it when he gets to brag about the Seahawks on a Monday! What a hell of a game! That's EXACTLY what I was hoping for from our boys! All the credit in the world to one of our conference rivals, they played one hell of a game, they had our playbook pretty well figured out in the first quarter and were one step ahead of us throughout the game, but the almighty Hawks pulled through once again! Let's dive in and get a breakdown!



God it's like I heard a seatbelt snapping into position with how much our offense was clicking this weekend! Russell was looking a little more comfortable in the pocket this week, he was improvising well when the defense got the better of us, and his passes are getting more and more targeted. We had one hell of a receiving corps out there on the field. I love seeing Doug get a lot more action, it's good to see him healthy. Lockett was looking badass as always, and we even got plenty of tight end action with Vanett and Dickson, especially against his former team. On top of that, our run game was looking stellar, I LOVE that we have such a deep running armada, and that Chris Carson flip, what the hell man?!? I didn't know parkour was part of Seahawks practice, but it appears to be finding it's spot within the league. And overall A for the offense this week!

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I long for the day that the Seattle fanbase puts the past where it belongs. I hate seeing "their not the LOB that we know and love, but they're developing into quite the defense". This isn't the LOB gang, it's all but evaporated, a relic of yesteryear, what we have on the field this season, is a troop of young bucks that are hungry and looking to be the next dynasty, while being led by members of that dominating force of yesteryear. They're still a little sloppy in spots, and there are holes that need to be filled, but this defense is getting better every week, and will be a destructive force come next season. That being said, they played a hell of a game this week. They allow all the yardage in the world leading up to the redzone, but always find a way to make the stop when it counts. Ken Norton Jr. is a fantastic DQ that is piecing together a scary defense. Keep your eyes sharp kids, they're going to have a breakout in a short time here and you'll see a stone wall that you thought was long gone. An overall B+ for our defense this week. 

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Special Teams
Seabass comes through in the clutch! Gotta love when the man makes it count! I do have to say, however, I'm glad that he made the chipshot to win the game, but I hate how nervous I was before he made the kick. That was a 31 yard kick to win the game. No problem. But the man has been known to miss those before. I'm glad to have seen quite the improvement from him over this season, he's definitely been progressing upward throughout the year, so I'm hoping that that unsettling feeling I get when he hits the field goes back in the dark where it belongs. The man knows how to put it in the uprights where it belongs. Other than that, I love and hate how much I didn't see Dickson this week. An overall A+ for Special this week.

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We continue to control our own destiny gang. We keep on the winning track, we will see the playoffs once again! We have a mentality test next week when we host the good ol' niners. We can't take ANY team lightly from here on out. I'm calling on all 12s and players: TOTAL DOMINATION FOR THE REST OF THE REASON, NO PRISONERS. Wave the flag proud 12s and we'll see you next week! With that...Mike Hawk is OUT!