Weathering A Loss

Hawk on Hawk Action

October 21, 2019

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Well hey there 12s,

Well, that could have been better.... It's never fun watching out boys go down on their home turf, certainly not twice within a short period. Nevertheless, there are things to consider when it comes to games like these, so let's break it down.

Bad Factors

I said it earlier, and I'm still going to give him a break, I respect the hell out of DK Metcalf for owning up to his fumble. It could have been really easy to blame it on the weather, and I believe he should, but for him to own up to it and call it his fault gives him mega-kudos in my book. But the rain was an issue all day long, on both sides of the ball. Everybody was slipping and sliding all over the field and it really limited our ability to make a strong play, which seems to be our life blood these days. 

The only other real factor that I would submit for this would be some of the injuries that we're suffering through right now. We've got some real key players that are either out all together, or are playing hurt and not at full capacity and I think that hits us in a real critical way. And we gave up a couple small mistakes that immediately turned into back breakers. 2 turnovers for scores will beat us each and every time. But, being that those are the only 2 real bad factors for us to break down about this game means that we have to face the fact.....

Ravens Outplayed Us

We. Got. Beat. It rarely happens for teams like ours where we can look at a game like this and be able to say, flat out, that we got bested at home. The Ravens had to play in the same weather that we did, and it's not like the Refs were helping them at all throughout that game, so we've got nobody to look at than ourselves. Props to the Ravens, they are a strong team that brought it in full force this weekend, and Lamar Jackson is going to be a terror of a QB for years to come. Cheers to ya.

This doesn't have to be a bad thing 12s, losses happen, and we could have gotten beaten a lot worse. All there is for us to do now, is to shake it off, and look to next week, and good news! It's the same song that we've been singing a couple times this season! We'll be in Atlanta taking on the Falcons, who are without their savior Matt Ryan at the helm. Let's hope and pray that we learn from the Saints and the Steelers and don't let up an inch. We got this 12s, still a looooot of season to play! With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!