What to Expect in Today's Game Against the Chiefs!

Hawk on Hawk Action

August 25, 2017

What is up 12s!


It's time for the last home Preseason game!! and this time around, we will be hosting the Kansas City Chiefs!

Now, going into week 3 we're going to see even more starting player time than the last week so it's going to look more and more like the regular season out there, I'd expect to see Russ out there for at least half the game if not a little into the third quarter, and the same goes for them. They finished last season at the top of their division at 12-4 in a division that only had 1 sub .500 team. That's not to say that these guys are the same team they were last season, but to ignore that is, i believe, foolish. They're coming off of a decent win last week against the Bengals so they're going to be pretty charged coming into the CLink. 


That being said, our boys are on the rise with no signs of stopping as well. Other than the bad loss of George Fant last week, the Seahawks are looking better and better each week! I'm interested to see how our new tackle Matt Tobin, acquired from the Eagles, fares out there with this line. I think he'll bring more depth into the line and will be perfect to fit the hole that we currently have. he's a 4 year veteran of the sport so he'll be a good fit in not only protecting Wilson, but developing the rest of the line in how to be the best they can be for him. He's one of the players I'll have my eye on throughout the game!

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My prediction is that this is going to be a game that tests our defensive line more than anything. they have a couple good passes and receptions a game, but this is a fairly well rounded team with rushing being a strong point. But The Seahawks have proven their ability to stuff a run game when we know that that is their game plan. I'm not too worried about our pass defense going in to this game. Corners and safetys have been looking strong and solid this preseason. ​I foresee a tight game to the finish, but the Seahawks will pull out a 10-17 victory in the 4th quarter.

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What's your prediction for tonight's event? leave it in the comments! I'll give a recap on Monday when it's all said and done! With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!