What To Think About The New Staff

Hawk on Hawk Action

January 22, 2018

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What's up 12s!


So it appears we've gotten some new members on the Seahawks Coaching Staff! Let's take a look


Probably the most celebrated change is staff goes to Brian Schottenheimer the new Offensive Coordinator. Here's my take, no matter how the man performs this year, this is a good thing. Even though Darrell Bevell took the Hawks to Super Bowl victory, his style of play calling has gotten stale over the years and we've been in need of change. On top of that, I'm excited to see what he can do with the tools we have. This is a good offense, it just has to be used properly. The man was the Quarterback coach for backup QB Kellen Clemens who had nothing but good things to say about him and his ability to develop players. Hands down, great move for the Hawks. 

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The other end of the offensive spectrum that we've been screaming about is that Offensive Line, and they're about to get a shakeup with a man by the name of Mike Solari. This is probably my most skeptical change, but as with the OC position, it's good to shake things up. The man was on our coaching staff a decade ago and put up numbers that were pretty average, but he took a massive hit having worked with the Giants over the last couple years, who have been competing for worst team in the league for a hot minute. I'm gonna take the optimistic approach and say that he can use the men on our line, or train new ones after the draft to keep people guessing when it comes to the integrity of our line. This one will have to be a "wait n see"

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It is now my pleasure to welcome back Mr. Ken Norton Jr! Back in 2010 he was the linebacker coach for this fine organization, eventually leading our boys to Super Bowl victory as one of the key creators of the Legion of Boom, and he is our new DC. I love this move, especially because we stole him from the Niners. I have no doubt that this man can bring that same fire and knowledge back to our fresh defensive crew and can help make our already dominant defense back into an unbeatable powerhouse once again. 

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Regardless of good or bad, change for this team at this point is a good thing. Keeping things fresh, and more importantly unpredictable, can be pivotal in the season to come. But this is certainly not the last change that we're going to see. I'll get info as quick as I can and get a feel for the fresh blood before our next blog comes out. With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!