2019 Draft Picks: Part 2

Mike Hawk's Fired Up

June 24, 2020

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Hola 12s!

Hope you heard the good news that baseball is attempting a comeback for the year, which shines a positive light on the possibility of a 2020 NFL season! That being said, let's continue our journey of looking at how the draft picks of the last year panned out!

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#5  120th Pick - WR Gary Jennings Jr. - West Virginia

Here's where we get to our first pick that didn't pan out as well as we had hoped. To be honest, I was really pulling for Jennings in the preseason, and he did make the final roster. However, before he appeared in any game with the Hawks, he was waived in November. Shortly after he was claimed by Miami, and quickly put on the injured reserve. We'll have to wait and see how the remainder of his career goes.

#6 124th Pick - G Phil Haynes - Wake Forest

Another possible late bloomer for the Hawks. He was a draft pick that quickly made his way into the reserves. While moves were made such as the one we just talked about, he was activated, but still rode the bench up until the post season game that our boys won agains the Eagles, in which he made his official NFL debut. Given how much our lines have been gutted over the last couple months, we may be seeing more of Mr. Haynes in the coming season.

#7 132nd Pick - CB Ugo Amadi - Oregon

One that our boy Thee Ted Smith was rooting for all season long, it was starting to look like Amadi was going to be a real playmaker! As is fairly custom to new impact defense players, it was a relatively quiet season for Amadi, wracking up a grand total of 17 tackles across the 16 games he was invloved in. But I wouldn't be surprised to be seeing his name pop up more and more as the seasons progress.

#8 142nd Pick - LB Ben Burr-Kirven - Washington

Another pride of Washington making his way into the Seahawks ranks, I remember seeing Burr-Kirven's name come across the field on multiple occasions in the preseason. But as we had with Amadi, Ben technically dressed for 16 games, but only saw a grand total of 3 tackles in the entire season. He's still with the team and on the roster, but he may be another late bloomer as far as production goes.