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The Good, and Bad of the Home Opener

Well hey there 12s! The Seahawks walked away with a "W" Sunday, but it left a little something to be desired. Let's break down The Good, The Bad, and the Big Picture. The Good news is that the Seahawks reputation of having a dominating defense and being a 2nd-half team are still in tact. Without... Read More

Seahawks Week 2

Hola 12s! It's time for week 2! and the home opener for your Seattle Seahawks! I know some of you are still licking your wounds after last week, but put it away. It was a hard loss, nobody wants to start the season with a big ol black mark, but we got out of there relatively well. No big injuries... Read More

Beaten But not Defeated

Hola 12s! ......Well.......that happened. Listen, I'm not going to sugarcoat it, that was not a very good opening performance by our boys. There is certainly room to improve in certain places, but that was just bad overall. I know a lot of us are tossing out the easy excuse of "The refs called a... Read More

Let The Games Begin!!!

12s! It's TIME! The long awaited kickoff to the 2017 season! And I think you're all with me taking a big sigh of relief that you finally have something to do on Sunday again! We're starting the season hitting the ground running, taking on the Packers in Lambo. That is no small task as we saw last... Read More

The Pains of A 53 Man Roster

What's up 12s! That day is upon us! The season opener of the 2017 season! It's been a great preseason, and we've seen a lot of heart out on the gridiron, but I'm glad that it's finally time to see what this super-team can do! That being said, the hardest part of the preseason is past us. The... Read More

One More Round!

Hey 12s! It's that time! Time for the final week of preseason for our boys to show what they're made of! This week we'll be in Oakland taking on the Raiders! Now, the Raiders haven't been doing too well in this preseason, but make no mistake, these guys are going to be a true threat during the... Read More

A Recap of the Seahawks Silencing the Chiefs

​What uuuuuuuup 12s! So glad to say that there is yet another W on the scoreboard for the Seahawks this preseason! Again, it's just the preseason, but I love love love love what I am seeing!I was completely off that Tobin would be one of our starters on the line, Odhiambo was the man that stepped... Read More

What to Expect in Today's Game Against the Chiefs!

What is up 12s! It's time for the last home Preseason game!! and this time around, we will be hosting the Kansas City Chiefs! Now, going into week 3 we're going to see even more starting player time than the last week so it's going to look more and more like the regular season out there, I'd expect... Read More

Hawk on Hawk Action: Pre-week 2 analysis

Good news 12s! The Seahawks continue to show some serious dominance on the field this year! I understand that it's still just preseason at this point, but even when our starters take the field, I am more and more confident in our boys' ability to dominate the season! I was unfortunately unable to... Read More

Hawk on Hawk Action: Preseason Week 2

​What's up 12s! That wonderful time has come again! Time to blow the dust off of Century Link Field as our boys take on the Minnesota Vikings! I wont get into too much statistically because the is preseason and things are going to be changing rapidly out there as the game progresses. A couple... Read More