Monster Jam Triumphs in Seattle Stadium Format

Monster Trucks Rev Up Seattle

March 17, 2019

Monster Jam - Century Link Field - Seattle 3.16.19
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It was awesome to see Monster Jam back in a big stadium format. This was the first time in 20 years this has happened in Seattle. Sure they were at the Tacoma Dome in January but that pails to an big open outdoor stadium like Century Link Field and a near 40k crowd of monster truck fans from young to old attending this event with some great trucks/drivers in town such as:

Brodozer - Colt Stephens
Earthshaker - Steven Thompson
El Toro Loco Ice - Scott Buetow
Grave Digger - Adam Anderson
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior - Bryce Kenny
Max-D - Neil Elliott
Monster Mutt Dalmatian - Candice Jolly
Obsessed - Eric Swanson
Saigon Shaker - Ryan Disharoon
Time Flys - Kelvin Ramer
Wild Flower - Rosalee Ramer
Wolf’s Head - Roy Pridgeon
Xtermigator - JR McNeal
Zombie Fire - Paul Strong
 The event had all kinds of excitement from the one on one racing format to the Wheel Skills Challenge to the ending Freestyle finale. What was really funny is before the event and at the intermission they had mini Grave Digger truck racing with the little kids. The Monster Jam future of drivers was right there with these kids. 
 The one on one racing format was pure adrenaline excitement. The winner came down to a fly in the air across the line by like half of a second with Saigon Shaker defeating EarthShaker.
 In the Great Clips 2 Wheel Skills Challenge the contestants had to do tricks like balance the truck on two wheels (front or back or side) and there was some amazing feats of skills from the likes of Obsessed, Great Clips Mohawk Warrior, Grave Digger and the eventual winner Max-D! 
 The main Freestyle event was an all-out balls to the wall showcase that got real exciting when driver Rosalee Ramer in her Wild Flower tried a 360 back flip and nearly succeeded ended on her roof top, but it didn't matter, the crowd was on their feet going crazy! 
 So many other great runs by El Toro Loco Ice, BroDozer, Obsessed, Monster Mutt Dalmatian and Great Clips Mohawk Warrior but the King Grave Digger went all out! By the end of his time set there was no body left on the frame of the truck ha ha!! 
 One cool interaction with the crowd is they could vote on their cellphones for each car in the Two Wheel Challenge and Freestyle. The racing was timed. If this wasn't enough excitement for ya wait till this Saturday March 23! The Monster Energy Supercross comes to Century Link Field! Buy your tickets now: