My Top 10 Concert Videos 2015

January 12, 2016

Hard to believe with my iPhone I achieve the quality and sound of video clips you see and hear at concerts. With my YouTube channel going over the 2million views mark tonight thought I'd post my fav Top 10 concert clips I know will give ya a flashback to 2015! "Iron" Mike

Temple of Dog/Layne Staley Mad Season Tribute at Benarorya Hall - This one will punch ya in the gut!

Ghost in KISW Studios & live at El Corazon - Up for a Grammy, "Meliora" was my top album of 2015.

Michael Schenker (former UFO/Scorpions) is at the top of his game. Guitar clinic here!

Duff McKagan's Loaded goes punk style, play GNR and Wanz join. Show to remember at Slim's!

Uli Jon Roth (former Scorpions) MIND-BLOWING cover of Hendrix's "Little Wing"

The return of Seattle's own My Sister's Machine!

When you get access to sit with Behemoth's drummer Inferno you better video cause it's always amazing!

Goodbye Motley Crue for the last time. Cruecifly drum solo and more from sound board area!! 

Scorpions - was working with the band that night so I had VIP area platform to shoot from. 

How often ya see Duff McKagan onstage playing with Alice in Chains? Thank goodness I was there! 

BONUS VIDEO! Can't forget my Jolene going away photo gallery tribute...

BONUS #2 Video! How about my Top 200 favorite concert photo slideshow of 2015!!