NAMM 2017 Days 3-4 Coverage

NAMM 2017 Days 3-4 Coverage

January 31, 2017

Day 3 - 1.21.17
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Day 3 probably the busiest on the NAMM floor to get around with the big crowds. Made sure to check out Mastodon's Bill Kelliher Lace Pickups signing. Check out his signature pickups, sound amazing!

Saw Kings-X DuG Pinnick and Zakk Wylde up at Schecter before they let the HUGE line in for autographs. Thanks to all at Schecter Guitars!
Checked out Michael Sweet (Stryper) new ISP Technologies Theata Pro DSP Guitar pre-amp floor controller. This thing is LOADED with everything, READ HERE
Gotta hang with Beasto Blanco at the KORG booth and gotta shoot some of the private performance. I get to hang and shoot with them this week on the Monsters of Rock Cruise in Grand Caymans! Love their new album!.
Saw Alice in Chains Mike Inez and William DuVall at the Warwick artist signing session. Always cool to see my photography on product artist cards!
I was so beat after this day of NAMM I didn't even make it into the Zakk Sabbath/Kings-X show after not securing a photo pass to cover the event. 

Stephanie Day 3:

I love walking into a hall and have a guitar smile at me :) The acoustic guitars at Zemaitis lovingly give you a smile that made me want to take a few of them home. Then you round another display and see their artwork guitar pieces. Just wow!
Over to Dean to see what was going on there. Lots of Mustaine guitars, Luna had a cool van Gogh's 'Starry Night' ukulele I'd like to get to go with my other two ukes. I hit Gibson before I had to make my way to more appearances. I found Skid Row doing a signing and Phil Demmel was just walking around when he posed for a picture for me.
Rudy Sarzo did a demo at Spector before heading to the front of the booth to do a signing with Marco Mendoza, Rachel Bolen and Scotti Hill. I found Stone Sour doing a signing at Cleartone, INXS's Gary Beers Mojo Tone and prog great Allan Holdsworth ISP Technologies.
Orange Amps hasn't always been one to do many signings, but this year they had a few great ones like Brent Hinds of Mastodon!
Gilby Clarke at TonePros and back over to Korg for a super fun group that included Doyle, Beasto Blanco's Chuck Garrick and Chris Latham as well as Sin Quirin and Cesar Soto of Ministry. Even though Jason Christopher wasn't a part of the signing, he made his presence felt in the photos :)

Back over to ISP for Stryper's Michael Sweet, to EBS for Marten Andersson (Lizzy Borden), Bjorn Englen (Dio Disciples), Steve Di Gorgio (Testament) and Michael Devin (Whitesnake).

Now back to wandering around and finding Brian 'Head' Welch at Orange, Zakk Wylde at EMG, and Warwick/Framus artists, Mike Inez, Scott Reder, Devin Townsend, William Duval, Rex Brown, Stu Hamm, Steve Bailey and my fave Lee Sklar.

Time to find one of my crushes... Kenny Aronoff then get back to the Korg signing area for Pete Dee (The Adicts), Gilby Clarke and Billy Duffy (The Cult).

Now into the Korg performance room for a quick Beasto Blanco set of 3 songs. The set ended with Calico Cooper joining Chuck and Chris for Beasto Blanco's version of Alice Cooper's 'Frankenstein'.
Time to call it a night and get some sleep for the last day of NAMM 2017.

Day 4 - 1.22.17
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Day 4 - Super relaxed day to catch up on some products I wanted to see without the HUGE crowds. Checked out the cool StompLight boxes. The effect pedal that is a stage light! Talk about lighting up crappy lighted clubs for us photographers ha ha!! Check them out at:
Korn buddy Ray Luzier had a signing at Auralex Acoustics. Gotta catch up with him afterwards. 
 The new guitar boutique area was cool featuring smaller custom guitar luthiers like McSwain & Parsons guitars. Mindblowing stuff! 

Stephanie Day 4: We have arrived at what I call Gear Day. It is much more mellow today and we have 1 signing to get to. The rest of the time is spent seeing interesting gear, oh, and and impromptu photo shoot with Framus artist A.C. Alexander. I found a beautiful harpejji at Marcodi and an interesting Heil Sound mic that looked retro but lit up in a few colors. I liked the blue one best. While Mike was having his photo shoot at Warwick/Framus, I found some beautiful instruments to have photo shoots with too!

We are now beat up (I'm not kidding about that). It's time to head to the airport and relax before our flight. It seems a little odd saying that we're going to the airport to relax, but it's true. Until NAMM 2018!