NAMM 2018 Media Day Overview 1.24.18

Check out new stuff at NAMM Media Day 2018

January 25, 2018

Anaheim Convention Center
KISW Blog Words/Photos: "Iron Mike & Stephanie Savoia
Media Day Photo Gallery {HERE}

It's that time of the year again! The annual Winter NAMM convention in sunny California at the Anaaheim Convention Center. Before the convention officially opens on the usual Thursday-Sunday format, we (the media) have a little special gathering pre-show event with some of the selected companies representing products through out the global music business. One change this year was the time of the event. Usually it's late morning into early afternoon, this year it was changed very recently to 4-6pm. Since we had our flights booked months in advance and didn't wanna pay extra money to change to a later flight, we wasted hours at Downtown Disney. What do photographers do when they are bored with current surroundings? They find something interesting to shoot. In my case it was weird looking bees on the many cool looking flowers within the Disney store areas on this beautiful warm sunny day. Meet the official NAMM bee "Nammers" ha ha! 
 OK, now on to the serious stuff and what we're here to cover. Let's talk each of our Top 3 hightlights we saw.


Gretch is celebrating their 135th anniversary with a hand etched silver snare that will have a run of only 135 drums. It takes almost 3 hours for each drum to be etched. Each 5" × 14" 8-lug solid aluminum shell will include a limited custon case too! 

 Second year for the Botique Guitars section. This preview day saw 3 of the makers show their wares. Stephen McSwain of McSwain Guitars had his always popular Red, White and Bullets guitar on display along with it's wall holder which together make an amazing piece of artwork to enjoy playing or just looking at them. He's done amazing guitars for everyone from Slash to John5. Can't wait to see his display in the regular show.
Lava had an amazing guitar made with 450 million year old amber. When the light shone on that guitar, it was so warm and magical. Read about the guitars and their unique shapes etc HERE.
Michael Spalt of Spalt Intruments brought one of his resin topped guitars with dolls, seashells and various other inspirations embedded into the resin. This guitar was inspired by (we forgot the story will find out today at NAMM and input it here) and comes with the book as well as a base that has an amp built into it. Insane looking guitar!
My third interesting product was seeing the MIDI controller called the Enhancia Ring. This MIDI controller allows you to add effects or trigger sequences while you're playing live on the spot! Movements can be programmed to apply differant effects. So think of your own customized signature move while playing the keyboards, it's really cool and interesting to hear and view. Check it out at Enhancia.


Ok! So many cool products, inventions and progress' this year at Media Day, but I did somehow cut it down to my Top 3 items. My first was the amazing ToneWoodAmp! This is revolutionary! Imagine getting effects like delay, tremolo, reverb, chorus etc. directly from any acoustic body itself, no amp needed!! The ToneWoodAmp sticks to the back of your guitar (magnets) and is a pre-amp effects processor which can interface with any iDevice for endless possiibilities. The AMAZING U.K. guitarist (whom I was just with on the Moody Blues Cruise) Mike Dawes was on hand to demonstate.
 I was memorized by the Ovation guitars setup of the new Glen Campbell limited edition "Bluebird" hardbody electric guitars. The 6 and 12-string models are just amazing pieces of art. I remember as a kid (maybe it was on Hee Haw) seeing Glen jam this Bluebird. 2018 marks the 50th year of the creative relationship of Campbell (RIP - passed away 9.8.17) and Ovation. The specs are exact to his 1968 model including the knobs which they still had in inventory! Crafted right here in the USA!
Maybe I saved the best for last. The new Monster Blaster Classic Rock Edition boom box Joe Perry (Aerosmith) edition sounded UNREAL! 
I gotta get my hands on one of these! Exclusively hand-tuned by Joe, this boom box features: • V-Sound™ Bidirectional Drivers for Direct and Reflected Sound
• Power Bass Powered Subwoofer for Real Bass Response
• Designed for Portability with Integrated Handle
• USB Device Charging for Your Mobile Device
• Bluetooth Audio Streaming for Untethered Wireless Freedom
• Indoor and Outdoor EQ Modes for Optimized Listening in Any Space
• Water-Resistant All Weather Design for Outdoor Use
• 3.5mm Stereo Analog Input to Connect any Audio Source
• 3.5mm Microphone Level Input makes the Blaster a Portable PA System
There's even the The Monster Firecracker™ JP100 Classic Rock Edition. Smaller version with the biggest sound from a little speaker plus it has a 500-lumen Monster Photolite in it! 
Go to for more info or buy! 
The NAMM convention is now open so I better post this and get my butt over there for Day 1! Watch for our BIG NAMM blog early next week here: