NAMM 2018 Overview - Bigger Than Ever!

National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)

February 2, 2018

National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) 2018. Another great year of exahusted legs and feet walking miles and miles within the Anaheim Convention Center as well as afterhour shows at night making sleep for 4 days basically non-exsistant if you're not careful. With the new building extention it made this years NAMM bigger than life or more than you can cover in the amount of time given. Here's our day by day note jots, events/products, photos that interested us each day.

Day 1 - Jan 25, 2018

- New building completed connecting the main NAMM floor building to the new area via a 2nd floor walkthrough way. With the new security measures at NAMM this save a TON of time using the connected walkway, otherwise if you went out the doors and walked to the new building you had to go through the whole security process again whiched caused long lines. Thank goodness Stephanie showed me that.
- 311 signing at the Beyerdynamic booth in the new NAMM floor area. Whole band signed and interacted with fans.
- DJ Ashbah promoting his Skeleton Whah pedal at the Morley booth.
- Paul Stanley of Kiss was in house celebrating his 40 years with Ibanez guitars. His display was pretty awesome! 

- Nita Strauss revieled her new Ibanez signature guitar, the first female artist ever with a signature model guitar. Great to see her break that barrior wall for women guitar players.
- Went and shot the amazing Metal Allegiance show at the new House of Blues. Band featuring David Ellefson (Megadeth), Mike Portnoy (Sons of Apollo, Dream Theater), Alex Skolnick (Testament) and Mark Menghi (bassist/founder). Special guests from Overkill, Armored Saint, Lacuna Coil etc. 
- Biggest crowd we've seen on a Thursday in several years.
Theta Drum - The ocean drum. 3 layers of 'skin' with beads in between allow for the unique sounds of Italian oceans to be heard as you tilt the drum. The faster you tilt, the more it sounds like big waves crashing. If you are gentle, then the ocean is gentle too. 
- Tone Ally drum lessons tool from - Trains you for correct stick trajectory! 
Lame Horse Boutique guitars: Turquoise inlay on a stunning guitar from
- Luthiers Beyond Limits: The luthiers formed the group to exhibit together. The websites are below / /

Day 2 - Jan 26, 2018

- David Ellefson (Megadeth bassist) Coffee Company booth. Ellefson's Coffee Company has lots of extended branches of products you have to check out on his website including the artist signature blends that include Skid Row, Autograph and Queensryche coffee blends. Even Sarah's Organic Gourmet blend Ellefson coffee in it's brands. 

- David Ellefson (Megadeth bassist) new Gruvgear Signature Strap! Check it out at: David gave a live demonstration as well as met with fans about his new signature strap. It ergonomically a great new fit. Tested and verified by renowned health expert Dr. Randall Kertz also! My photo is the face of David and the product display online and in print. 
- Rob Math (Leatherwolf) and Diego “DD” Cavallotti (Lacuna Coil) at Positive Grid Bias booth. Showing off Amps, pedals, software and meet & greets. 
- Li-Sa-X guitar deminstration at the DV Mark booth. 12yo guitar wizard from Japan.
- Nergal and Orion (Behemoth) debuted their new ESP guitar and bass signature products. 
- Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) Ashdown Booth Signing - one of if not the biggest line for autograph signings the whole NAMM!
- Jason Kertson Relish guitar booth performance. Relish sold on their guitars on display on Day 2! 
 - Sound Exchange conferance with Jim Peterik, David Pack. Talk on the digital download payout.
- Went and shot the Randy Rhoads Remembered show at the Yost Theater. Tons of big named rock guitarists playing a tune of Randy's. Crown goes to Adrenaline Mob's Mike Orlando playing "Mr. Crowley". Mind blowing! 

- Strung jewelry. Made with DR Strings. Each bracelet has a song that goes with it. You can select based on the charm on the bracelet or by the song. I bought the Hamsa on Sunday and it's song is “I Will Survive”. A portion of each sale goes to music education 

- Being a rock hound, I LOVED finding the luxury guitar picks made of all types of materials from My favorite being the minerals! Jaspers, jades, obsidian, amethyst, tigers eye Oh my! 
- Shot the Hawthorne Heights performance at Korg/Blackstar.
- Shot the SheRocks Awards. My first red carpet. Seeing KISW on the ground holding my place was very cool.

Day 3 - Jan 27, 2018

- Auralex Acoustics Ray Luzier (Korn drummer) signing
- Remo drummers signing 

- Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth) guitar demonstration at DV Mark booth
- Framus/Warwick artist signing 
- Peavy signing with Alex Skolnick (Testament) and Nergal (Behemoth
- Mick Thomson (Slipknot) signing at Jackson Guitars - Mick revieled his new signature model 
- Fender Guitars 9-neck guitar 
- Massive photo of over 50 drummers at Drumeo booth 
- Found Soyuz hand made mics. Beautiful workmanship.
- Photographed Gilby Clarke performance at Korg/Vox 

- Checked out Country Music artist Jessica Lynn at BC Audio booth. Press hailing her worldwide as "Shania Twain's Successor." 

- Up in Lounge 88's room saw the Roomful of Pianos grand finale that featured 50+ pianists playing the same song together. Was pretty amazing to hear.

Day 4 - Jan 28, 2018

- Last day and best day (less people) to view booth and walk around in a timely fashion
- Vertech VW-2 Auto string and tuner 

- Unity Blackstar bass amps (great sound) 
- Dug Pinnick (Kings-X bassist/singer) Q&A Meet and Greet at JBL
- Whirlwind Cyclone Cases. My choice for WOW product of NAMM 2018 because Whirlwind developed a new ColourBond Printing that adheres to everything from Aluminum to plastic! Customize your Cyclone travel cases and you have badass looking labeled cases! Check it out here:


- Checked out the Suzuki Digital Desk piano. Work, Play & Relax I might have to buy for our house. Amazing! 

- Watch Mike get his ears digitally scanned by Ultimate Ears for a new pair of UE 4 Pro ear monitors and sound protection. Last time they made his molds by filling his ear cannals with silicon and pulling them out. 
 - Visited RapcoHorizon booth where Josh Todd & The Conflict & Buckcherry members Josh Todd and Stevie D. were doing a M&G
- Checked out some of the NAMM Idea Center Women in Music Sound Off featuring Laura B. Whitmore, Ali Handal, Laura Clapp Davidson, Vanessa Mering, Divinity Roxx. These female leaders talked about their experiences in navigating the music scene in relation to gender in the industry. Interestng insight to the male dominated industry and how it's changing.

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