NAMM Media Day 1.23.19 Shows off Some Cool New Products!

NAMM Media Day 2019

January 23, 2019

NAMM Media Day 1.23.19 Shows off Some Cool New Products in Anaheim, California!
Photos/Blog: Iron Mike & Stephanie Savoia
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NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants trade show introduces the newest innovations in music, recording technology, sound, stage, instrument and lighting products. Before the convention opens here at the Anaheim Convention Center, the next 4 days, us Media folks get a little taste of the cool products about to be revealed or featured at the show before the doors open to the public. With a few dozen companies on hand again for this years event, lets highlight a few companies and the products we enjoyed most. 

 Lets just start with the our #1! The Ciari Guitars premium travel guitar called The Ascender. Wow this was awesome to see a 22 fret guitar fold in half (strings and all) and fit into a backpack that's TSA compliant that never leaves your side on the road. 
 Visit to check out all the details on this amazing travel guitar. Next up was the wild Welch Tuning Systems Inc. drums with one adjustment, both heads at the same time, tuning! 
 Imagine being able to tune or change keys mid-performance with one turn key move. 
 Visit for more info.
We really dug the new Eric Bass, of Shinedown, signature model Prestige Guitars from, up north of us Seattle are peeps, in Vancouver, Canada. 
 It was great talking to Prestige VP Adrian O'Brien on these sleek looking maple top custom made guitars. 
 34" scale length, 9.5" fingerboard radius, solid ash body string through, one-piece hard maple neck with a natural satin finish etc. Visit for all the details and more on Eric Bass signature model bass. 
 Sphero Specrums was Stephanie's favorite. Specdrums are app-enabled rings you can put on your fingers and turn colors into music with a simple tap. Perfect for those people/kids that are always tapping away on thinks. Yes, that yellow banana made the same sound as the yellow on the pad! Learn more at:

Gibson guitars surprised us all at the end of the media day gathering with a pop-in appearance and performance from Jared James Nichols and Chuck Berry's son Charles Berry Jr and his son Charles Berry III (Charlie). Jared came in and loudly showcased his new Epiphone Ltd. Edition Jared James Nichols "Old Glory" Les Paul custom outfit. Charles Berry Jr. opened up the case to the new amazing looking and sounding Chuck Berry Signature ES-350T. 
 The Chuck Berry Estate partnered with Gibson to carry on Chuck's legacy with this beautiful (as Berry was famous for playing) hollow body gem. After this little surprise performance we were invited upstairs to the Gibson showroom for another little performance, food and early look into all the cool Gibson guitars. 
We even ran into Alice in Chains' William Duvall there who was, not surprisingly, checking out this acoustic you've seen him playing onstage for years. 

The cover image is Orianthi showing her new signature octave fuzz effects pedals from Nexi Industries.  

Overall it was a cool 2 hr quick fix to prepare us for the next 4 days of overall insanity of walking miles and miles and covering concerts at night. Watch for our big NAMM overall blog next week here at Seattle's best rock KISW!

Iron Mike and Stephanie Savoia