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Nickelback Shuts Down Arnold Schwarzenegger

By: Maura O'Malley

February 17, 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger reached out to Nickelback on Valentine’s Day, but it wasn’t all candy and roses. In fact, Schwarzenegger threw some serious shade their way.

Nickelback threw it right back at him.

The band’s reaction isn’t all too surprising, however, as they’ve been standing up for themselves lately. And rightfully so—as Avril Lavigne said, “#NickelbackHasSoldOver50MillionAlbums.”

They did, however, clear the air. And those Batman references? Clutch.

While they settled things pretty quickly, it’s important to note one thing: Nickelback is Canadian, so they mighhhht not be as concerned with gerrymandering, Arnold. But what do we know.

In other Nickelback news, they’ve got both an album (Feed the Machine) and a tour set for June, so who’s really got the last laugh?