Night of the Living Bassists! Chevelle & Sick Puppies Shake Seattle!

Chevelle & Sick Puppies Concert

June 5, 2016

Chevelle/Sick Puppies - Showbox Sodo - Seattle, WA 6.4.16
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Well if you like your rock hard and full of bottom-end dominating bass lines this was a show for you. Between Chevelle's Dean Bernardini & Sick Puppies Emma Anzai their bass lines shook the Seattle skyline for hours last night.

Chevelle are currently on the road in pre-support to their new upcoming album "The North Corridor" due out July 8, 2016. Pre-Order HERE!
 The first single released is called "Joyride (Omen)" check it out below.
Blasting through a good 1.5hr set, Chevelle gave their fans a good dose of their Tool meets Karnivool alternative radio rock with the tracks: Ouija Board/An Island/Take Out the Gunman/Grab Thy Hand/The Clincher/Joyride (Omen)/Face to the Floor/Still Running/I Get It/Get Some/Send the Pain Below/Forfeit/Sleep Apnea/Hats Off to the Bull/Encore: The Red/Comfortable Liar/Another Know It All.
 It's cool how this band has always been a family affair. Originally for years it was the three Loeffler brothers (Pete, Sam & Joe) comprising the band lineup. When Joe left in 2005 brothers Pete (singer/guitar) & Sam (drums) hired Sam's brother-in-law & fortunately a bassist Dean Bernardini. Over the years Chevelle have sold over 4 million records and receive some pretty good rock radio airplay, but in today's business its all about making money on the road and Chevelle are always constantly touring. Can't even tell ya how many times I've seen them the past decade. Never been the biggest fan of their music and live show, but tonight I thought they were dead on and enjoyed the active band onstage and especially the crowd participation. Chevelle have some diehard fans for sure. Check out all the upcoming Chevelle tour dates including a bunch with Bush! www.
Opening the show was the Sick Puppies! Their new album "Fury" {Buy Here} came out last month debuting their new singer/guitarist Bryan Scott. He's was a perfect fit in replacing longtime member Shimon Moore and the new album might be the bands best to date with him. Live Bryan delivered it too.
Here's their first single/video off the "Fury" album
There's no doubt the classic Sick Puppies sound has been hard hitting with Mark Goodwin on drums but the sound belongs to the Goddess of Thunder Emma Anzai!
Emma's playing wild stage presence can match anyone in this rock music industry. Always a joy to hear and watch. Sick Puppies setlist: War/Cancer/Let Me Live/Odd One/Stick To Your Guns/Riptide/All The Same/Black & Blue/Guerilla Radio (RATM Cover)/You're Going Down.
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