Not In This Lifetime?

August 11, 2016

Made it out to CenturyLink Field this afternoon o check out the set up of the GnR/AIC show.  We don't see a lot of big stadium rock shows very often anymore so I wanted to go take it in.

This is from about the 50 yard line facing the Hawks Nest.  This thing is massive. Every ounce of it travels from city to city.  It takes 4 days to set it up.The panels on each side of the stage are huge LED screens still in the process of being constructed.


Haters are going to hate.  Don't buy into it.  The jury is no longer out on whether or not this thing is for real.  I saw the very first show in Vegas a few months ago and it was amazing. The reviews from the subsequent shows have been equally great. The band is on fire right now.  Axl, Slash and Duff are in prime form.  The rest of the band is unbelievably good.  And of course you'll have all the lights, pyro and fireworks that you'd expect form a big stadium rock and roll show.

Can't wait for tomorrow night!  I hope to see you pre-show at Elysian Fields.