Press Photo for Papa Roach album Crooked Teeth

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Papa Roach Talk Eating Bugs and Swimming with Sharks in Crooked Teeth Would-You-Rather [Part 3]

By: Maura O'Malley

May 22, 2017

Throughout our three-part exclusive interview with Papa Roach (#1 and #2), we’ve been highlighting each song on Crooked Teeth by asking would-you-rather questions inspired by the album’s tracks.

For our final installment in the series, we focused on “Help,” asking the guys if they’d call on Bear Grylls or MacGyver for help when stranded on a desert island. We then took on “Born for Greatness,” asking how many great white sharks they’d rather swim with—which is apparently both A.) a tongue-twister and B.) something musicians do on the reg.

So, who’s down to eat bugs and sleep in a carcass with Bear Grylls? Find out in part three of our exclusive, three-part would-you-rather series. And then check out the just-released Crooked Teeth.