Pearl Jam Rock Safeco Field for 3 Hours on the First night of the Home Shows!

Pearl Jam Rock Safeco Field Last Night

August 9, 2018

Pearl Jam -  Safeco Field - Seattle, WA 8.8.18
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The show day finally arrived! After nearly 5 years of not playing a show in Seattle, Pearl Jam came roaring back to sell out two 50k+ shows at Safeco Field back backed by an awesome cause. Since the last Pearl Jam show at the Key Arena 12.6.13, homelessness in Seattle has skyrocketed to actual national embarrasing numbers. Did you know Seattle is now ranked 3rd for largest homelessness major cities in America behind New York and Los Angeles which both are way bigger in population that Seattle. With Seattle leading the tech way for the world with companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing etc. how does a city like this rank so high? One of the biggest reasons is those same companies that drive the economic force in King County with their higher paid jobs drive the housing costs outta the roof for renting or even buying a home in the Seattle area. Near 12,000 are homeless with half that number with no shelter on any given night. With those numbers thank goodness we have a Seattle band so big they can come up with an idea and run with it bigger than 95% of the big bands out there in the world would even attempt. In comes #TheHomeShows  
  As stated on their website page at: - "As part of The Home Shows Initiative, more than 140 businesses, individuals, government agencies, and foundations are banding together to fight homelessness in King County. Join us. Take action and learn more about this crisis." Months ago Pearl Jam announced playing two shows at Safeco Field aimming to unite the community to help alleviate homelessness in our city. In that time it was announced yesterday between the band's #TheHomeShow merchandise (everything from Shirts, Posters, Theo Chocolate, Heritage Distilling Company Homeshow BSG, Georgetown Brewing Home Shows Pale Ale, etc.). 
Yesterday the band announced with all their partnerships, merch sales and concert revenue they have raised over 11-million dollars! Learn a little more as to where that money is headed to in the King-5 news article HERE. Days before the show Pearl Jam had a merchandising tent that was packed from start to finish selling some rad stuff! 
 With last nights show filling over 50,000 Pearl Jam fans from around the world, it was one magical night with a 3 hour show that had everything included you could think of from a Pearl Jam show. 

Long Road/Release/Low Light/Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town/Corduroy/Go (with “Unchained” tag)/Do the Evolution/Mind Your Manners/Throw Your Hatred Down (Neil Young cover)/Lightning Bolt/Given to Fly/All Those Yesterdays/Even Flow/Help Help/Black/Setting Forth (Eddie Vedder song)/I Am a Patriot (Little Steven cover)/Porch

We're Going to Be Friends (The White Stripes cover) (Live Debut by Pearl Jam)/Nothing as It Seems/Let Me Sleep/Breath/Again Today (Brandi Carlile cover w/ Brandi Carlile)/State of Love and Trust/Rearviewmirror

Encore 2:
Wasted Reprise/Better Man/Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover)/Alive/I've Got a Feeling (The Beatles cover)/Rockin' in the Free World (Neil Young cover)/Yellow Ledbetter. 

Show highlights:
- Band played a cover of Brandi Carlile's "Again Today" w/ Brandi Carlile
- Eddie Vedder dedicated his song "Setting Forth" to the teachers of Seattle and everywhere and brought out his two daughters with their favorite teachers onstage.
- Mike McCready guitar solos - one of the most underated pure rock n roll guitarist out there today. He was on fire tonight! 
- Eddie pointing out the various kids in the audiance and made sure they got some video screen coverage.
- Eddie talking about the real subject matter for the first time behind their mega song "Even Flow" - a song written for a homeless Vietnam Vet also named Eddie living under the Alaskan Way Viaduct that passed away before Vedder could tell or play him the song after a tour. Perfect sad revelation to the nights cause of #TheHomeShows 
 Like Pearl Jam or not you have to give them HUGE props for taking their MEGA success and creating a postive force for the good of a town that gave them everything. Of the 11 million dollars raised, 1 million was personaly donated from the band. Thank you Pearl Jam and now lets see what this money can do for the homelessness in our Puget Sound towns. You can still donate, volunteer or get informed at: