Joey "Deez" Blog “Delivery”

October 7, 2016

Have you ever come home from a ridiculously long day at work with hopes that your fridge is fully stocked waiting for you to dive in? But when you go to open said fridge it’s like a scene out of a mummy movie, a gust of old stale wind comes escaping out revealing a whole lot of nothing except rotting meat.  Well then we have something in common because this happened to me yesterday when I got back from work and let me tell you, it took me about 5 minutes get myself off the floor. Normally in this situation I would have just ordered food on my phone; that way I could stay sprawled out on the floor till the delivery guy showed up, but I made a terrible mistake and left my phone in the other room. Left stranded on a desert island that was my floor, I had some time to contemplate the harder questions in life like, why haven’t we invented teleporters yet? And, why don’t I have super speed? But the most important one, if I could have any food delivered to me right now, free of charge, what would it be?


I had a huge list pop into my mind but the item at the top of this list was….Drum roll please….. Pizza! Shocking I know, but nothing sounded better that a piping hot slice of pizza and an ice cold soda. It’s funny how quickly you start gaining energy just thinking about of all the possible foods you could be eating; imagine Popeye after downing a huge can of spinach. Long story short, I got off the floor and walked to nearest pizza joint to grab a slice. I even managed to dodge the rain. I think I’ll put this one in the Win column.


If you could have any food delivered to you, free of charge, what would it be