Joey "Deez" Blog “Hiking Hurts”

September 23, 2016

The weather changes quickly here in Washington State which means then sun will soon be hiding till Spring so a friend and I decided on Wednesday to enjoy what little time we have left by venturing out to Mt. Pilchuck for a bit of hiking. When I was young I used to hate hiking, but as I’ve gotten older, my appreciation for the outdoors has grown and now I love it. Well, mostly. Hiking to the top of Pilchuck was awesome as you get to trek through woods, creeks, and a bunch of fallen rock but the big payoff is at the top when you get to see the unobstructed view of the beautiful land below you.


Yes it was all going so well, that is, until we started heading back down the mountain. Not 10 minute from the top, I fell and wedged my ankle in between two rocks. I heard a faint popping sound and down I went. What a nightmare. Writhing in pain, I sat on a rock wondering how I managed to hurt myself just like Sara and BJ. I wasn’t too worried though because I’ve rolled my ankle a bunch of times playing basketball, and this felt very similar to that so I knew it wasn’t a major muscle tear or anything like it. It wasn’t till my friend pointed out that we have another hour and a half hike down the mountain that I started to panic a bit.


I knew my ankle would swell up quickly and that we had to move fast, so I pushed the pain the back of my mind and we hustled down that mountain. I don’t think the doctor would ever recommend trying to go down a mountain after hurting your ankle, but sometimes you’ve got no choice. No Pain, No gain. This injury won’t stop be from hiking again, just for the time being.


Do you like hiking? Have you ever been hurt doing something outdoors? ​