Joey "Deez" Blog “New Name!”

October 19, 2016

Today was a very interesting day!


Today while on air Sara, my sister, mentioned that her middle name is simple the letter “V”. This was a compromise between my parents when they were thinking up names for us.


My dad, BJ also had to point out that my middle name is actually just “D.” Not the wisest thing he’s ever done because this led to Steve asking if the D was for “Deez Nuts”…hence my new name! I have many nicknames, but somehow I think this one is definitely going to stick.


Some people wouldn’t be thrilled with a name like this, but I think it’s awesome, much to my father’s dismay. Sometimes you have to embrace your inner comedian.


So nice to meet you, my name is Joey “Deez Nuts”!


Do you have an interesting nickname? ​