Joey "Deez" Blog “Rockin’ Awesome”

August 23, 2016

I came, I saw, I rocked. Pain in the Grass 2016 may be over but it has left me with a one hell of a rockin’ hangover. The event surpassed my expectations; as it always does, and has got me spending way too much time re-watching videos from all the great bands that played over the weekend. Big shout out to all the great people who helped make it happen, from the KISW Crew to the White River Staff and everyone in between, you guys did a kick ass job pulling off yet another amazing event. And of course, a big thanks to everyone who came and said hi, listened to some sweet acoustic performances, and had a drink with not only The BJ and Migs staff, but the entire KISW crew. You guys always make the event so memorable and every year it gets better and better as we get to meet with more of you. It’s only been two days and I’ve already started counting the days till Pain in the Grass 2017.


My favorite part of the whole event was the Interview that BJ and Migs did with the members of Anthrax. Besides being awesome dudes, the talk that BJ had with Scott Ian about being on The Walking Dead was hilarious. I love that dudes who rock as hard as they do still have this lighter side we can relate to. I never thought I’d see the day where a rock band would have a conversation about a zombie show while being interviewed by a guy in Star Trek socks but that’s what makes events like Pain2016 so special; you get something you won’t get anywhere else.


What was your favorite moment of PAIN2016?


For those of you who missed the event, or who want to relive it as much as possible (like me), check out the videos and pictures on the our social media pages,  Facebook KISW999, Twitter @999KISW, and Instagram @999KISW.