Joey "Deez" Blog "Amusement Parks"

August 16, 2016


Over the weekend, The Show and I took a trip to Atlanta for our annual “Morning Show Boot Camp”. The trip was freaking awesome full of great food and a bunch amazing radio personalities. I could have gone without the 95 degree heat and 40% humidity but it did set the stage for a crazy day at a 6 Flags Theme park. It had been years since I’d been to a theme park or ridden a rollercoaster for that matter, but I’m here to tell you, they are still epic!


We got to the park around 11:00am and to our surprise, the lines were pretty short. We wasted little time getting to our first ride, The Georgia Cyclone.  It was a perfect way to bring back that old childhood memory of a rickety wooden rollercoaster. Nothing like small seats and the sound of cracking wood to put the fear of “death by rollercoaster” back into your mind. We survived the ride with minor bruising and a newly found thirst for danger. So what’s better than getting straight to the biggest most badass rollercoaster that we could find, The Goliath! Just as the fable says, The Goliath is a giant! It seemed to be at least twice as big as the Cyclone, setting a stage for a recreation of the great tale of David vs. Goliath. But I would not face this giant alone! The crew and I prepared for battle as the coaster took us higher and higher, and higher. Seriously though, we recorded a video you can watch here: 


I have a fear of heights, despite loving roller coasters, so the worst part is the climb to the top and it felt like an eternity till we finically hit the first drop. But it was well worth it. The drop pulls you right out of your seat and skyrockets you back up but before you know it, you’re getting pulled right back out of your seat into another drop. I have no idea how Danny was able to keep hold of his phone, but as you can tell from the video, the ride is insane.


We capped off our trip with a super powered ride on the Batman Rollercoaster. This was our group’s favorite coaster, as it had a bunch of loops and corkscrews. It’s may be a shorter ride than the Goliath but totally worth it when you’re getting flipped  upside and all you can see is the bright blue sky and some clouds. It was so good that our group immediately got back in line to ride it again. A perfect way to cap off our trip and reignite our passion for roller coasters, or as some say…our taste for Danger.


Do you love roller coasters, what is your favorite thing to do at an amusement park?