Joey "Deez" Blog "Dream Job"

July 28, 2016

Whether you like your job or not, you’ve probably day dreamed about all the awesome things you wish you could get paid to do. Well today may be your lucky day because I think I’ve finally found a job anyone can enjoy. The Smithsonian is looking to pay someone $64,000 a year to travel around drinking craft beer. At first, I thought this had to be a joke, but it’s not. They’re really going to pay someone to go around drinking beer. But it’s not just drinking; you also get to travel around the world. Sure you might be a bit hung over on the flights, but it’s totally worth it. If I was getting paid to drink right now I’d probably be a millionaire.


There’s only one thing that sounds better than drinking beer to me and it would be traveling the world eating pizza. I’m pretty sure the pizza hangover would be way worse than the beer, probably because pizza is just too delicious to stop eating. If you’re getting paid to eat, you might as well eat to your heart’s content. And for those of you who think I’d get bored of pizza, I can assure you I would not. There are so many toppings and sauces that I could get a good pizza rotation every week  to keep it fresh. Now combine the pizza and beer jobs together and BAM! We have the perfect job. Or maybe this is closer to the perfect vacation, either way it’s too good to pass up.


What about you, what do you wish you could get paid to do? What’s your dream job?  ​