Joey "Deez" Blog "Dreams,Yesterday and Today"

August 15, 2016

Today's blog comes from one of my dad's mentors, Dan Sanders:


The trivia question for this week is, What 1975 #2 hit about dreams was inspired by a book whose title was taken from a song lyric by John Lennon and given to the composer by George Harrison?

A few days ago I had not one but several conversations with different people about past lives and reincarnation, and they all wanted to know what I thought.

There have been many songs, stories, and poems written about dreams, from Edgar Allen Poe, who said that everything is a dream, to Oscar Wilde, who admitted to being a dreamer, claiming the punishment for one who is a dreamer is seeing the dawn before the rest of the world. John Lennon once said that he believed in everything until proven false, like fairies, myths, and even dragons. John believed that it all existed, even if just in our minds, and asked who could say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now.

I have had two recurring dreams. In one, I’m walking at night under the flickering glow of gas lamps along cobblestone streets. I’m dressed in the style of the English gentleman of the 1800s, wearing a vest with a high-collared shirt and an ascot. I have a waistcoat with the ever present pocket watch on a long gold chain and of course a top hat. In those days it was frowned upon to be seen outdoors without the proper headgear. While the name is never mentioned, in my dream it is very clear that the man I am walking with is Charles Dickens. I have always had a strong attraction to the Victorian era, and I have always had a love of pocket watches on long chains, vest, and ascots, even before I remembered the dream.

In another dream, I am a young boy of perhaps 15, and I am walking up a hill on a summer day, all blue skies and white puffy clouds. The year is sometime in the 1700s, and I’m dressed as a teenage boy would have been in those days, wearing a type of sailor’s suit. While wigs were a fashion for most men, boys wore their hair long instead, and from my late teens until now, I have by choice worn my hair long and would have it no other way. As I climb to the top of this hill, I look down into a harbor where there are sailing ships of all types, some with their white sails unfurling, getting ready for faraway adventures, and others with sails furled against the mast, home from a long voyage. The boy in my dream, looking down at this harbor, dreamed of the day he too would set sail. About two miles from where I sit writing this, there is a hill I walk up, and at the top of that hill I look down on the same harbor, Old Boston Harbor. The skyline has changed and most of the sails are gone, but I know this place, I can feel this place, I have lived in this place before. This area has always called to me. I knew it from the first day, and the feeling is no less now than it was the day I arrived. I often wonder if I am the boy of long ago dreaming of a distant future, or the man of today remembering a long ago past.

In the podcast, I’ll have the answer to the trivia question, maybe some political venting, and of course some rock and roll news and other fun stuff. I hope you’ll join me on the shores of Rambling Harbor.