Joey "Deez" Blog "Favorite Snacks"

September 14, 2016

It’s hump day which means that most of us are looking for an extra boost to get through the day and there’s no better way to get more energy than with a tasty snack. We all have your favorite munchies at work, but our Intern Abby definitely has a unique one, Gummy Bears. Besides being dangerously addictive, these small bears are packed full of sugar that is sure to keep on your toes all day. Plus who doesn’t like a gummy bear? Your coworkers will be swarming your desk to partake in the gummy madness which, if you like your coworkers, will keep your hump day packed full of entertainment. But if you’re not a fan of these little bears or maybe the thought of having your coworkers talking to you all day sounds daunting, then  maybe you would enjoy my snack of choice instead, Pop-Tarts.


For those of you who haven’t seen a Pop-Tart commercial in a while, there are so many freaking flavors now that if you can find whatever your heart desires, which turns out for me, is all of them. Ranging from flavors like the classic strawberry all the way to your favorite soda A & W root beer, you could eat be munching on these bad boy’s every hump day for months before hitting a repeat flavor. And this is important because no matter what you do, there’s always going to be another hump day. You have to be careful though because with that much awesomeness in snack form, you may end up eating too many. It’s a dangerous line to walk, but one that I’m happy to do.


What about you, what is your favorite snack to feast on? ​