Joey "Deez" Blog "The Greatest Thing "

August 24, 2016

Hey gang! Uncle Chris here, filling in for The Prodigy with today’s blog!


Today on BJ & Migs, we talked about the greatest thing that ever happened to us and that got me thinking…

It should be no surprise that, in a life that’s been as adventurous as mine, some really great things have happened, but I tend to fixate on the simple things when I think about what makes me happy.

A little back story: eight years ago, I was working as a café manager in a book store.  We sold and served coffee products from a major coffee company (you know the one) and we would always feature a “flavor of the month” that we would sell in bags as well as brewing it in the café.  One month, we had a special Kona blend that was insanely good!  We were brewing it all day and selling out, also moving a lot of bags for people to take home and brew themselves, it was a very popular favor.  It was called Kopelani.  I LOVED this coffee.

I managed to stockpile several bags for my own home kitchen and, after the flavor of the month changed, I was using the Kopelani for my morning cuppa, since I couldn’t get it at work anymore.  When I brewed up the last of my private supply, it was a bittersweet moment: I was enjoying what would be my last taste of the caffeinated perfection that was this amazing blend.  I celebrated and mourned that day.


For eight years since that day, I have hunted high and low for more of this heaven-sent Kopelani greatness to no avail.  In stores?  Unavailable.  Online?  No dice.  Most of the baristas I talked to hadn’t even heard of it.  My life was divided into two parts: the time before I lost the greatest coffee experience of my life and the dark days that followed my last taste of Valhalla’s own nectar.  I had resigned myself to never having a cup of coffee that good again.

Until now.

My wife, who works for that same book company and has access to that same coffee company’s products brought home a bag of “this new coffee that we’re selling in the café”.  She held up the bag to show me and started to tell me what it was called, “it’s Ko-“, I cut her off midsentence, unable to contain my excitement and hope that my long, horrible nightmare was coming to an end.  “KOPELANI!?”, I exclaimed, grabbing the bag out of her hands and holding it like a golden idol that I’d recently liberated from a dusty jungle tomb.

Dear readers, it WAS Kopelani!  Everything bad and negative in my life melted away as I cradled the bundle of pure joy that my wife had given me!

The dark days are over, the coffee gods have answered my prayers, praise be unto them.

What about you?  What’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to you?  Leave a comment and share your greatness!