Joey "Deez" Blog "Hangover Food"

October 12, 2016

Welcome to Wednesday! You’ve made it to the one and only hump day and if you weekend was anything like mine, you’re probably still a bit hungover. The Huskies crushed The Ducks which meant I crushed some beers, probably too many, and the lingering effects have me feeling a bit under the weather. But considering the damage I did on Saturday, I’m surprised it’s not worse. It probably has something to do with the awesome food I got Sunday morning. Although it can be incredibly difficult to eat while hungover, I’ve somehow found an awesome routine that gets me from an unmovable zombie to John Snow, Warden of the North. Ok, maybe not that awake but definitely functional.


This hangover cure all starts with something you probably enjoyed as a kid but may have not had as much as an adult, Chocolate Milk. I know it sounds crazy but this stuff really gets the body going. You begin drinking it slowly but there’s something about chocolate milk that makes you want to chug it. Once your body has accepted this pure chocolatey goodness, it’s time for some real food. This is a two-step process. First you grab some Garlic Knots. These doughy buttery balls of greatness help prepare your stomach for the main course, which may take you a while to get to. But when you’re ready, grab yourself a slice of the best tasting pizza you can find. I know it seems like an easy answer, but that’s what makes it so perfect. No one can pass up a great slice of pizza, No matter how hungover they are!


What’s your favorite Hangover Food? Do you have a sweet hangover cure?