Joey "Deez" Blog "Hot Wing Challenge"

August 2, 2016

Yesterday, Steve, Danny, Rev, Chris and I decided to participate in a challenge of the ages. Yes you heard right, a fiery brawl that could only end one way…..death….of our taste buds. To set a proper stage our courageous crew of hopeful and hungry patrons walked down to our local Buffalo Wild Wings to partake in their “Blazin Wing Challenge”. For those of you unfamiliar with the challenge, you must eat 12 of the hottest wings you’ve ever smelled in 6 minutes or less. The kicker, you can’t drink any liquid or wipe your hands, face or well, anything. You must stay in a hellish sweaty nightmare for 6 minutes or until you decide to tap out and give up. We made a gentlemen’s bet in which the winner had his meal bought by the rest of the crew, you know, to spice things even more. Before we had a chance to come to our senses, our lovely server Jess came out with some smoldering hot wings and a giant siren announcing to everyone in the restaurant the crazy stupid thing we were about to do.


So how did our courageous crew do? Freaking Awesome. And by that, I mean Chris and Steve killed it while the rest of us died in a dry hot desert that was our mouths. Chris finished first, with about 20 seconds left while Steve ran it all the way down to the buzzer, finishing with an epic one second left. The rest of us barely got through three before succumbing to the insane heat. Rev turned bright red and was sweating ball’s, it was hilarious. It burned my taste buds to the point that I couldn’t taste the flavor of my beer afterword. Danny was covered in sauce that might as well have been lava the way he was trying to get it off his hands, after throwing in the towel by the second wing. Our server Jess was having a great time giving us a bunch of crap but man you really don’t know what you’re getting into until you’re getting some smack talk while your beard is on fire. Chris, being the big winner, got his meal for free with a look regret yet satisfaction on his face. I can’t say I’ll be eating wings like that anytime soon, but who knows, there’s always more food challenges out there!


Have you ever done a food challenge? What’s the spicy thing you’ve ever eaten? ​