Joey "Deez" Blog "Mini Golf"

September 15, 2016

This week’s weather has been pretty awesome but I hate to say that it may be one of our last as we enter the latter half of September and you can already feel the fall rain creeping around the corner. But while the sun’s still shining we must enjoy it so yesterday, myself and a couple of friends decided to hit the golf course, THE MINI-GOLF COURSE.  I’ve never been great at golf but luckily the alternative of mini golf is not only just as awesome, but takes less time. So the four of us set out to best each other at 18 holes of Seattle’s finest mini-golf, smack talking and boasting that individually, each of us was the best of the group.


But what’s the point of a competition without a prize? So, we decided to spice things up a bit and play for drinks because this mini-golf course lets you drink while you play, and who doesn’t love a good beer or two to get the competitive juices flowing. The games were epic, and only got fiercer as the day went on. I quickly learned that being the best mini-golfer in your family means nothing when playing against your friends. I came in third out of four in our first round, leaving me very unsatisfied with my abysmal performance.  Luckily I had round two to bounce back, and bounce back I did. I not only took first, but hit a hole-in-one on hardest hole on the course. Never count out the underdog! My victory earned me free drinks and a fat grin on my face. Victory beer is the best beer, especially when it’s free.


If today was the last day of the summer sun, what would you do? ​