Joey "Deez" Blog "Mistaken Identities"

August 5, 2016

Uncle Chris here, filling in for The Prodigy while he's out bettering himself...


When we talked with Jim Breuer yesterday on the show, he talked about a guy who asked him if he'd heard this new AC/DC song and it turned out to be Jim's song!  That reminded me of something that happened to me while I was living in L.A. back in 2001.


I was working at a book store, selling books and managing customer experiences when a customer approaches me and asks for an autograph.  Since I was at work, fairly busy, and not all a famous person, I was surprised and slightly annoyed by this.


"I beg your pardon?", I asked, trying to keep my customer service face on.

The guy hits me with: "Y'know, an autograph?  I loved you on Saturday Night Live, Goat Boy is the best!"

I feel like I'm being pranked.  "Is there something you need me to help you find, sir?", I indicate the name badge hanging from my neck that clearly says "CHRIS" on it.

"No, man, just hoping I could get an autograph, man!"  He thinks I'm Jim Breuer.


15 years ago, clean-shaven, short haircut, MAYBE I look a little bit like Mr. Breuer, but I had no idea how to respond at this point.

I look at him again, he's completely serious about this, so I grab the piece of paper that he's been waving at me, scribble Jim Breuer's name on it, shake his hand, and get back to work.


The guy wanders off, smiling like it's the happiest day of his life.  I can't say I blame him, though.  I lived in Los Angeles for almost 10 years and it's amazing how often you run into famous people in random places.


The guy at the stoplight next to you who looks like Tom Cruise, probably isTom Cruise.


That's my Jim Breuer story, hope you liked it!  What about you?  Have you ever been mistaken for, or do people tell you that you look like someone famous?