Joey "Deez" Blog "Sunday's are Back"

September 9, 2016

This weekend marks the return of the best day of the week, Sunday. Yes that’s right, football is back baby and yesterday was the first game of the season and boy was it a good one. The Broncos returned to the field Thursday “Manning-Less”, but that didn’t stop them from beating one of the top five teams in the NFL, The Panthers. A missed field goal cost Cam Newton a win and sparked a whole new wave of meme’s in his honor after the 21-20 loss. But football wasn’t the only thing that returned yesterday.


There’s only one thing that worthy of going along with football on Sunday’s and that is FOOD. Whether it’s just snacks, pizza, nachos or maybe all three, I can’t wait to find out what food people are going to bring. Potluck style is definitely the best way to get the maximum amount of food and variety to your house on Sunday. I’ll be bringing my special “super loaded supremely nacholicous nachos” to my friends place. I can’t give you the exact recipe because it’s a tailgate secret but let’s just say I’ve never heard of the term “less is more” with my nachos. My mouths already watering because there are rumors that someone is bringing pulled pork tacos as well so next week if I look a bit different, it’s probably the food baby in my stomach.


What is your favorite Football snack? Are you pumped for the return of Football Sundays? ​