Joey "Deez" Blog "Taco Taco Taco"

October 4, 2016

Today is Tuesday which can only mean one thing…TACOS! But it’s no ordinary Taco Tuesday. Today, October 4th, is National Taco Day! That’s means you have twice the reason to fire up the crock pot, slow cook some meat, and make your favorite taco. Make sure you cook extra though because the word may spread fast. Or, if you’re a rock star chef, all it will take is the smell of good cooking in the kitchen. But how do you decide what kind of tacos to make? With so many choices out there and so little time, I suggest taking a look below at the choices our team would pick for some inspiration.   


BJ – Crunchy Beef Taco

Steve  - Soft Beef Taco

Vicky – Taco’s al Pastor, (Pork tacos) corn tortilla.

Rev – Shredded chicken soft taco

Sara – Fake meat soft taco

Danny – Crunchy pork taco

Joe – Pulled Pork (Carnitas) soft taco



Hopefully this makes your decision a little easier but if you’re still being a bit indecisive I recommend making them all. Worst case scenario, you’ll be eating tacos all week. I think we can agree that’s a risk we are all willing to take. Now I know this is a small list of possibilities that you could choose from today, so I have just one simple question for you…..


What’s your favorite taco? ​