Joey "Deez" Blog "The Weekend"

September 30, 2016


We’ve made it everyone, it’s finally Friday!; which means that all the hard work done over these past couple days has paid off and you can finally relax, kick back, and enjoy the weekend. But how are you going to enjoy this precious time? Well, if you’re anything like me, they’ll be drinking, sleeping, and eating. What I’m trying to say is, I’ll be tailgating. The Huskies are playing today and I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday; drinking cold beer, eating home cooked food and getting pumped up for one of the greatest games of the season.  But it wouldn’t be a proper start to the weekend if I missed the game, so a couple of friends and I shelled out some cash to buy tickets so we could see all the action live.  I hoping that after all partying today, I’ll be so tired I spend the rest of the weekend sleeping.


But if you’re not into football or maybe you have to work today, there are probably a boat load of other things that you’re looking forward to this weekend. The big one that comes to mind is The Mariners push for the playoffs. It may be a long shot, but the best victories are the ones that come down to the wire. Or maybe you have a hot date at a fancy restaurant? No matter what you’re doing, it’s probably awesome, but can you top my weekend? Leave a comment about what you’re doing over this weekend and on Tuesday, I’ll write another blog about all the awesome stuff that happened.


What are you doing this weekend? Do you have any epic plans? ​