The Prodigy’s Blog “Batman vs. Jason Bourne”

July 20, 2016

There’s never a boring day here at the station and today was no exception. During Beat Migs, Steve decided to wear a Batman mask he printed out from the internet in hopes that it would give him a winning edge. Although it looked hilarious, it gave him no super powers and quickly resulted in a smashing defeat. But why did Steve choose Batman out of all superheroes?  Well it all started with an interview we played of Matt Damon talking about who would win in a fight between Batman and Jason Bourne. Of course Matt chose Bourne, being long times friends with Ben Affleck who recently played Batman, because of the insane amount of training that he has received. Steve, being a fan of Ben Affleck, chose Batman, but gave a lot of credit to Jason Bourne who has kicked a bunch of ass is all his movies. It’s a tough choice to make, neither have super powers but both have access to a particular set of skills.


I have to agree with Steve here although I could totally see Batman getting his ass handed to him by a highly trained assassin. But despite all that training, Batman has one thing that Bourne doesn’t, Alfred. Who doesn’t want awesome butler/partner-in-crime who will not only help you when your'e injured, but pour you a drink and make you food. Pretty sure Jason Bourne doesn’t have that. That being said, Batman is anything but subtle, so if Bourne could get the drop on him, Batman would be in trouble. But if he really wants to ensure a victory, all he has to do is get help from Superman. Batman may be able to beat Superman 1 on 1, but with Bourne, not a chance.


What do you think, who would win in a fight between Batman and Jason Bourne? ​